Kids Families and Holiday Cards

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Northwestern headshot photo booth

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58 headshots in 90 minutes

The Northwestern University Photo Booth


If you were photographed and want to checkout your photo visit


and then some Mds and staff of a hospital




Family Mini Sessions Dates

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I know I know!    finally I am posting the date for family mini sessions.

Oct 26th and Nov 8th for outdoor fall colors or your home. It's a little different each year but usually close to the end of Oct is the best time for autumn colors.
Mini sessions are $125 and last about 20 minutes, works well if you are looking for a couple of nice images for your holiday cards.
These dates are also available for full sessions. There are also a few more dates during autumn color season with full session availability, email me your preferred dates and times and we can set something up.
Nov 16th for indoor studio style.
Happy Holidays with all the trimmings.

I'm starting off the new year January 2014 back at this blog space. I have flip flopped back and forth from place to place over the years and you can still see many of my posts at

I am an image person much more so than a word person and therefore my blog tends to have more photos than words. Here I will post what I am working on personally and for clients, and from time to time maybe the work of others.