Autumn '17 editorial and headshots

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Autumn was filled with business headshots and editorial work,

here is a little mix of that work



2V0A50462V0A5046 2V0A50512V0A5051 2V0A46582V0A4658 2V0A46712V0A4671

2V0A39742V0A3974 2V0A39922V0A3992

Wisecup by eileen molony-1546Wisecup by eileen molony-1546 Wisecup by eileen molony-1497Wisecup by eileen molony-1497 2V0A27812V0A2781 Chen by eileen molony-1620Chen by eileen molony-1620 Chen by eileen molony-1650Chen by eileen molony-1650 Chen by eileen molony-1672Chen by eileen molony-1672

2V0A42692V0A4269 2V0A42772V0A4277

Stupp by eileen molony-1757Stupp by eileen molony-1757

2V0A4455-32V0A4455-3 2V0A4527-22V0A4527-2

staffAstaffA staffBstaffB 2V0A40692V0A4069

2V0A69932V0A6993 2V0A70652V0A7065 2V0A6952-22V0A6952-2 2V0A70582V0A7058

2V0A02422V0A0242 2V0A02632V0A0263

2V0A46142V0A4614 2V0A46192V0A4619 2V0A46402V0A4640 2V0A46382V0A4638 2V0A49642V0A4964 2V0A50182V0A5018

2V0A65752V0A6575 2V0A49852V0A4985 2V0A50312V0A5031 2V0A50332V0A5033 2V0A45442V0A4544 2V0A45592V0A4559 2V0A45662V0A4566 2V0A46862V0A4686 2V0A46982V0A4698    Packman by eileen molony-3600Packman by eileen molony-3600 2V0A61722V0A6172 2V0A61742V0A6174 2V0A62262V0A6226 by eileen molony-4038-2by eileen molony-4038-2 by eileen molony-4049-2by eileen molony-4049-2 by eileen molony-4102-2by eileen molony-4102-2 by eileen molony-4127-2by eileen molony-4127-2 by eileen molony-4114-2by eileen molony-4114-2 by eileen molony-4153-2by eileen molony-4153-2 by eileen molony-3925by eileen molony-3925 2V0A73422V0A7342 2V0A73742V0A7374 2V0A73842V0A7384 2V0A73692V0A7369 2V0A73892V0A7389 2V0A73962V0A7396 2V0A74042V0A7404 2V0A30912V0A3091 2V0A30922V0A3092 2V0A31192V0A3119 2V0A31342V0A3134 2V0A31352V0A3135 2V0A31582V0A3158 2V0A31812V0A3181 2V0A32252V0A3225 2V0A33052V0A3305 2V0A33122V0A3312 2V0A33292V0A3329 2V0A33452V0A3345 2V0A33982V0A3398 2V0A34072V0A3407 2V0A34642V0A3464


School Portraits 2017

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whole schoolwhole school


I do school portraits for four schools in four weeks, that is a lot of fun faces and a few very serious ones.

One school I is mostly B&W, one is outdoors, some do group shots some don't, so each one is a little different

here is a taste

IMG_8692   1IMG_8692 1 IMG_8718IMG_8718 IMG_8783IMG_8783 IMG_9002IMG_9002 IMG_9009IMG_9009 IMG_9201IMG_9201   IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_9208-2IMG_9208-2 IMG_9248-2IMG_9248-2

2V0A82462V0A8246 2V0A82172V0A8217 2V0A81822V0A8182 2V0A8207-22V0A8207-2 2V0A85822V0A8582 2V0A85952V0A8595 2V0A87782V0A8778 2V0A81892V0A8189 2V0A88612V0A8861 2V0A88902V0A8890 2V0A88792V0A8879 2V0A9024-22V0A9024-2 2V0A88922V0A8892 2V0A90802V0A9080 2V0A8315-22V0A8315-2 2V0A84572V0A8457 2V0A94002V0A9400 2V0A8326-22V0A8326-2 2V0A94072V0A9407 2V0A92822V0A9282 2V0A92662V0A9266


IMG_1067IMG_1067 IMG_1125IMG_1125 IMG_0990IMG_0990 IMG_1029IMG_1029 IMG_1043IMG_1043 IMG_1063-2IMG_1063-2 Comp middleComp middledesigned to be printed 8x10 2V0A79232V0A7923 IMG_1874IMG_1874 2V0A80832V0A8083 IMG_1976IMG_1976 IMG_1728IMG_1728 IMG_1673IMG_1673 IMG_1690IMG_1690 2V0A7979-22V0A7979-2 2V0A81352V0A8135

and of course some staff

2V0A86102V0A8610 2V0A82932V0A8293 2V0A87992V0A8799 2V0A90862V0A9086 2V0A98002V0A9800 2V0A06612V0A0661 2V0A8173-22V0A8173-2 IMG_0688-2IMG_0688-2 IMG_0953-2IMG_0953-2 IMG_1179-2IMG_1179-2 IMG_1498-2IMG_1498-2 IMG_2021-2IMG_2021-2 2V0A7977-22V0A7977-2 2V0A72252V0A7225 2V0A71132V0A7113 2V0A71242V0A7124 2V0A71272V0A7127 2V0A71142V0A7114 2V0A71382V0A7138

fall 2017 family recap

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Autumn to December is just so busy, my favorite season weather wise and one big flurry work wise. On top of the regular commercial work I do the rest of the year I photograph four schools in October and add in a bunch of family sessions on weekends. People want that image for their holiday cards and print to send to grandma.

Here is a little bit of the family work

2V0A27132V0A2713 2V0A27382V0A2738 2V0A27532V0A2753 2V0A2764-22V0A2764-2 2V0A27682V0A2768 2V0A2782-22V0A2782-2

2V0A28822V0A2882   2V0A29232V0A2923    2V0A29432V0A2943

I've been photographing these two families for a few years now, usually outdoors but we moved inside this year because of rain. 2V0A28472V0A2847


This one was a 'get everyone together' for a big group shot

another cold day so we were moving fast 2V0A33402V0A3340

2V0A34382V0A3438 2V0A3440-22V0A3440-2

2V0A00352V0A0035 You just got to love this family.

I photographed them earlier in the summer on the day the baby was born, then we met down town for this fun and games

2V0A00672V0A0067 2V0A00752V0A0075 2V0A0080-22V0A0080-2 2V0A00822V0A0082 2V0A0094-22V0A0094-2 2V0A01172V0A0117 2V0A01282V0A0128 2V0A0146-22V0A0146-2 2V0A0154-22V0A0154-2 2V0A01572V0A0157 2V0A01712V0A0171



There were a lot of cold days, another was so windy by the lake we had to move in a little bit

but this dog made it all worth it


2V0A0396-22V0A0396-2 2V0A04162V0A0416 2V0A04172V0A0417 2V0A04372V0A0437 2V0A04342V0A0434 2V0A04532V0A0453 2V0A04582V0A0458 2V0A0500-22V0A0500-2

A quick stop outdoors followed by a hot chocolate

2V0A30902V0A3090 2V0A31222V0A3122 2V0A31422V0A3142 2V0A31632V0A3163 2V0A31482V0A3148

2V0A09092V0A0909 2V0A10312V0A1031   2V0A09692V0A0969   2V0A09952V0A0995 2V0A10472V0A1047

2V0A47962V0A4796 2V0A47852V0A4785 2V0A48222V0A4822 2V0A48332V0A4833 2V0A48502V0A4850 2V0A48282V0A4828 2V0A48232V0A4823 2V0A48572V0A4857 2V0A47412V0A4741 2V0A47662V0A4766 2V0A48072V0A4807

2V0A4327-22V0A4327-2 2V0A4329-22V0A4329-2 2V0A4366-22V0A4366-2 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A4381-22V0A4381-2 2V0A43882V0A4388 2V0A44222V0A4422 2V0A44292V0A4429 2V0A44342V0A4434 2V0A44572V0A4457 2V0A44602V0A4460 2V0A44662V0A4466

leaf4leaf4fun for front and back of card 2V0A24802V0A2480 2V0A24932V0A2493 2V0A25032V0A2503 2V0A25322V0A2532 2V0A25242V0A2524 2V0A25292V0A2529

2V0A98632V0A9863 2V0A98672V0A9867 2V0A98832V0A9883 2V0A99002V0A9900 2V0A9905-22V0A9905-2 2V0A99112V0A9911 2V0A99342V0A9934 2V0A9934-22V0A9934-2 2V0A99462V0A9946 2V0A99552V0A9955


2V0A2953-8x102V0A2953-8x10 2V0A29752V0A2975 2V0A29792V0A2979 2V0A2984-22V0A2984-2 2V0A2986-22V0A2986-2 2V0A30182V0A3018 2V0A30442V0A3044



and the last big one of the season, everybody squeeze in for the family festivus

2V0A42842V0A4284 2V0A43242V0A4324 2V0A43452V0A4345 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A43982V0A4398

Editorial and other spring work

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Jesus by Eileen Molony-9759Jesus by Eileen Molony-9759

Northwestern Research Magazine editorial images

K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9914-2K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9914-2 K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9928K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9928 Jesus by Eileen Molony-9764Jesus by Eileen Molony-9764 Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0001Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0001 Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0004Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0004 Eileen Molony-0953Eileen Molony-0953 Eileen Molony-0960Eileen Molony-0960 eileen molony-8179eileen molony-8179 eileen molony-8203eileen molony-8203 eileen molony-8244eileen molony-8244 eileen molony-8287eileen molony-8287 by Eileen Molony-1365by Eileen Molony-1365 by Eileen Molony-1390by Eileen Molony-1390 by Eileen Molony-1424by Eileen Molony-1424 by Eileen Molony-1439by Eileen Molony-1439 by Eileen Molony-1540by Eileen Molony-1540

malthouse by eileen molony-9249malthouse by eileen molony-9249 eileen molony-9815eileen molony-9815 eileen molony-9823eileen molony-9823 eileen molony-9795eileen molony-9795 eileen molony-9801eileen molony-9801 eileen molony-9834eileen molony-9834 by Eileen Molony-1476by Eileen Molony-1476 IMG_8234IMG_8234

events, headshot and a general mix of recent work

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'OLLI eileen molony-0664eileen molony-0664

Senior Portrait

eileen molony-0701eileen molony-0701 eileen molony-0755eileen molony-0755 eileen molony-0794eileen molony-0794



eileen molony-0814eileen molony-0814

eileen molony-0571-2eileen molony-0571-2I think this should be highlighted on your website eileen molony-0631eileen molony-0631I think this is a definite pick


2V0A8840-32V0A8840-3 2V0A88472V0A8847

2V0A18582V0A1858 2V0A18442V0A1844 2V0A1936 B&W-22V0A1936 B&W-2 2V0A18012V0A1801

2V0A09312V0A0931 2V0A92572V0A9257 2V0A9258-22V0A9258-2 2V0A9263-22V0A9263-2 2V0A92532V0A9253



2V0A05672V0A0567 2V0A07412V0A0741 2V0A0765-22V0A0765-2 2V0A08092V0A0809

Lots and lots of education marketing material and event of all kinds

eileen molony-9946eileen molony-9946 eileen molony-9800eileen molony-9800 eileen molony-9813eileen molony-9813 eileen molony-9864eileen molony-9864 eileen molony-9871eileen molony-9871 eileen molony-9988eileen molony-9988 eileen molony-9990eileen molony-9990 eileen molony-0022eileen molony-0022

2V0A97302V0A9730 2V0A97462V0A9746 2V0A97882V0A9788

eileen molony-0875eileen molony-0875 eileen molony-0854eileen molony-0854 eileen molony-0882eileen molony-0882 eileen molony-0893eileen molony-0893 eileen molony-1056eileen molony-1056 eileen molony-1069eileen molony-1069

2V0A11572V0A1157 2V0A11802V0A1180 IMG_7879IMG_7879 IMG_7883IMG_7883 2V0A12212V0A1221 2V0A12472V0A1247

eileen molony-8403eileen molony-8403 eileen molony-8441eileen molony-8441

IMG_8408IMG_8408 2V0A96352V0A9635 2V0A96322V0A9632 2V0A96452V0A9645 2V0A96492V0A9649 2V0A97092V0A9709 2V0A97302V0A9730 2V0A97362V0A9736

2V0A26022V0A2602 2V0A26082V0A2608 2V0A26112V0A2611 2V0A26602V0A2660 2V0A27012V0A2701

eileen molony-9778eileen molony-9778 eileen molony-9779eileen molony-9779 eileen molony-9791eileen molony-9791 eileen molony-9804eileen molony-9804 eileen molony-9914eileen molony-9914 eileen molony-9915eileen molony-9915 eileen molony-9925eileen molony-9925 eileen molony-9946eileen molony-9946 eileen molony-9938eileen molony-9938 eileen molony-9969eileen molony-9969 eileen molony-9976eileen molony-9976 eileen molony-0034eileen molony-0034 eileen molony-0052eileen molony-0052 eileen molony-8437eileen molony-8437 eileen molony-8435eileen molony-8435 eileen molony-0093eileen molony-0093

2V0A19862V0A1986 2V0A19962V0A1996 2V0A20512V0A2051 2V0A22042V0A2204 2V0A22022V0A2202

eileen molony-0007eileen molony-0007 eileen molony-9993eileen molony-9993

eileen molony-0019eileen molony-0019

2V0A87302V0A8730 2V0A87382V0A8738 2V0A87532V0A8753 eileen molony-8654eileen molony-8654 eileen molony-8699eileen molony-8699 eileen molony-8706eileen molony-8706 eileen molony-8724eileen molony-8724 2V0A92702V0A9270 2V0A92922V0A9292 2V0A93002V0A9300 2V0A93112V0A9311 2V0A92432V0A9243 2V0A93362V0A9336 2V0A94062V0A9406 2V0A94142V0A9414 2V0A94262V0A9426

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