Pre-school Art

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A few months ago while preparing for the school annual auction a First United Nursery parent asked if I could help out on creating the art work for the auction. Here are some of the pieces I created.






  Who doesn't love the hands of a two year old




Graduates and Mothers

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It's that time of year when people who have spent years studying finally get to celebrate graduation,

and celebrate Mothers

and celebrate springtime.

Roll it all into one photo shoot with the family of a new doctor. Yeah!





Yogi wedding part II, The Dancing

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and here is the rest of the previous post. The Fun has begun!



Yogi wedding

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I don't photograph a lot of weddings and the ones I do tend to be of the more intimate mellow kind.

Carla had been my yoga teacher 7 years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter. Our paths have crossed from time to time since and last fall as she was planning her wedding she asked if I would be the 'documentary photographer' on the day. They already had a photographer that came with their package but she wanted to make sure the extra moments and relationships (and laughs) were captured. Of course I said yes.

It was a long fun day, here is a little taste of the story.