Community First Oak Park

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Village board trustee Tucker, Ott & Salzman.

It's almost local election time and last weekend I work with Village Trustees Andrea Ott, Adam Salzman, and Bob Tucker on their campaign photos for the Village Board of Oak Park.

Here are a few of the photos.



mousse of the chocolate variety

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Book club requires a little sweetness so my girl helped me whip up a little mousse


It's all a blur!

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Autumn, that is.

Fall is always my busy season and 2014 was only more so than the year before, and the year before that.

Good busy, I got to work with a lot of new people and some great return clients and families. But where do I start with what to post here, hundreds of thousands of photos. Yes thousands of photos. 2908 usable frames in one week, that's a lot of photos. So I'm going to start with some close to home, yip in my bathroom. Even if this was more winter than fall.



My daughter gave me a little direction in this shoot, she was playing art director and one photo was not enough. We had to do a few where she told me where to go and which ones I should 'post'. So here is just a couple from the series.



And writing of days at home, what about those few terribly cold days, winter not fall I know, anyone else snuggle down with some hot chocolate?



Yip that is some pretty rich choco

but not all the days are too cold, there are plenty of days cold enough to keep the ice frozen but not too cold to be out, and on those days we skate.



And as a parent don't I have to post a photo of my kids playing in his school 'holiday sing'. He got to play this African drum for a few song and a xylophone for one also, then he sang in the choir for a few also.

And why don't I just keep going with the personal shots, Christmas Eve before they open their first gift.


I got a gift of some lovely handmade soaps so before we started using them I thought I should take a few snaps and send them to the friend who made the soaps. Of course my daughter Siofra was happy to help.

and because I love her new hat, that had to be turned into a cute photo too before she ran off

Oh and since she is so prominent in this post why not show another of her, this was just a snap from a camera I'm selling. Anyone want to purchase a Canon 7d?

So where was I, oh yes, how do I decide what to show from the thousands of client photos from autumn 2014. Let me start pulling some of those together.

There were a lot of families, you know, I just need one good shot of everyone looking at the camera at the same time!

and those we did, a lot of. But there were also moments in between, moments I love, photos I love event more than the one of them all looking at the camera at once. Like these, where I was just explaining to the kids what I was about to do, showing them the lights etc... 'if you look in here you might see your reflection' bam that was a good shot, and then of course little sister want to see.




I'm starting off the new year January 2014 back at this blog space. I have flip flopped back and forth from place to place over the years and you can still see many of my posts at

I am an image person much more so than a word person and therefore my blog tends to have more photos than words. Here I will post what I am working on personally and for clients, and from time to time maybe the work of others.