Dominican fashion 2017

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Eileen Molony-0431Eileen Molony-0431

Always fun to do a little fashion work with design student.

Here are some images for Dominican University student fashion show.

Eileen Molony-0450Eileen Molony-0450

Eileen Molony-0381Eileen Molony-0381 Eileen Molony-0476Eileen Molony-0476 Eileen Molony-0521Eileen Molony-0521 Eileen Molony-0490Eileen Molony-0490

Eileen Molony-0623Eileen Molony-0623 Eileen Molony-0644Eileen Molony-0644 Eileen Molony-0631-2Eileen Molony-0631-2 Eileen Molony-0564-BEileen Molony-0564-B Eileen Molony-0594Eileen Molony-0594 Eileen Molony-0391Eileen Molony-0391

early 2017 headshots, editorial and events

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update with some recent work from early 2017

2V0A81482V0A8148 2V0A81012V0A8101

2V0A85432V0A8543 2V0A85692V0A8569

eileen molony-9037eileen molony-9037

eileen molony-9064eileen molony-9064 2V0A85102V0A8510 2V0A84782V0A8478 2V0A88872V0A8887 2V0A88992V0A8899 2V0A89132V0A8913 2V0A88442V0A8844

2V0A87772V0A8777 2V0A78202V0A7820 2V0A78152V0A7815 2V0A7739-22V0A7739-2



Headshot, small business marketing images and education marketing and events have be the focus of much of my 2017 work so far.

Northwestern has kept me busy both with work for the upcoming research magazine and editorials for SPS website, while here in Oak Park I've been doing some lifestyle headshots and small business creative work in the snow. 


2V0A72932V0A7293   2V0A72912V0A7291 2V0A7323-22V0A7323-2 2V0A73352V0A7335 2V0A73912V0A7391

7403B&W snow7403B&W snow

2V0A74692V0A7469 2V0A74892V0A7489 2V0A75012V0A7501 2V0A75372V0A7537 2V0A7568-22V0A7568-2 2V0A75822V0A7582 2V0A7584-22V0A7584-2 2V0A75922V0A7592 2V0A75992V0A7599 2V0A76042V0A7604 2V0A76352V0A7635

Gala event photography

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Last week was super busy with a total of 9 shoots. Five for Northwestern Research Magazine due to come out in May, a student poster presentation event for the school of policy and education at Northwestern, a fashion shoot for Dominican University design department and two of the three nonprofit Gala/Parties I have photographed in the past month. Hephizbah Children's Association 'Heart of Gold Ball', Oak Park Art league 'Heads or Tails',  &  Housing Forward 'Have a Heart' all have had their annual fundraisers in the past month. Here are some images from these events.

Eileen Molony-7718Eileen Molony-7718

Eileen Molony-7696Eileen Molony-7696 Eileen Molony-7721Eileen Molony-7721 Eileen Molony-7729Eileen Molony-7729 Eileen Molony-7768Eileen Molony-7768 Eileen Molony-7777Eileen Molony-7777 Eileen Molony-7839Eileen Molony-7839 Eileen Molony-0677Eileen Molony-0677 Eileen Molony-0680Eileen Molony-0680 Eileen Molony-0706Eileen Molony-0706 Eileen Molony-0713Eileen Molony-0713 Eileen Molony-0705Eileen Molony-0705 Eileen Molony-0717Eileen Molony-0717 Eileen Molony-0721Eileen Molony-0721 Eileen Molony-0723Eileen Molony-0723 Eileen Molony-0745Eileen Molony-0745 Eileen Molony-0758Eileen Molony-0758 Eileen Molony-0783Eileen Molony-0783 Eileen Molony-7850Eileen Molony-7850 Eileen Molony-0810Eileen Molony-0810 Eileen Molony-0818Eileen Molony-0818 Eileen Molony-7847Eileen Molony-7847 Eileen Molony-0844Eileen Molony-0844 Eileen Molony-0895Eileen Molony-0895 Eileen Molony-0907Eileen Molony-0907

Hephzibah Children's 'Heart of Gold Ball' at The Bridgeport Arts Center

full gallery


Oak Park Art League's 'Heads or Tails' party at Wire

full gallery

Housing Forward 2017 'Have A Heart' Gala at The Palmer House Hotel

full gallery

2V0A91252V0A9125 2V0A91512V0A9151 2V0A91542V0A9154 2V0A91552V0A9155 2V0A91602V0A9160 2V0A91632V0A9163 2V0A91652V0A9165 2V0A92402V0A9240 IMG_7480IMG_7480 IMG_7481IMG_7481 IMG_7484IMG_7484 IMG_7510IMG_7510 IMG_7542IMG_7542 IMG_7555IMG_7555 IMG_7570-2IMG_7570-2 IMG_7576IMG_7576 IMG_7581IMG_7581 IMG_7528IMG_7528 2V0A91722V0A9172 IMG_7469IMG_7469

2V0A92052V0A9205 2V0A92112V0A9211 2V0A92122V0A9212 2V0A92202V0A9220 2V0A92232V0A9223 2V0A92242V0A9224 2V0A92422V0A9242 2V0A92452V0A9245

2016 Autumn business

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research coverresearch cover

Sept through Dec is a whirlwind of photo shoots so very little updates/blog posts are written so I am slowly catching up and working back. Here is some of what I worked on this fall. Starting with the cover image of the winter edition of Northwestern Research magazine which I shot a couple of the pieces. Got a little playful with lighting for this one.

2V0A60322V0A6032 2V0A6074-32V0A6074-3

2V0A3592-22V0A3592-2 2V0A43272V0A4327 IMGL2207IMGL2207 IMGL2161IMGL2161

IMGL2238IMGL2238 IMGL2223IMGL2223 IMGL2218IMGL2218

2V0A51022V0A5102 2V0A51012V0A5101

Photographed store windows that some visual merchandising students decorated for the holiday season.

Worked on images for a fashion styling book that will be out soon.

IMGL1513IMGL1513 IMGL1518IMGL1518 IMGL1526IMGL1526

Lots of headshots, some straight headshots, some leaving space for logo and text.

2V0A31922V0A3192 2V0A31182V0A3118 2V0A30862V0A3086


IMGL9263IMGL9263 IMGL9294IMGL9294 IMGL9167IMGL9167 IMGL9203IMGL9203 IMGL9248IMGL9248

IMGL2593IMGL2593 IMGL2611IMGL2611 IMGL2619IMGL2619

Staff shots both exterior and studio look

IMG_3633IMG_3633 IMG_3699IMG_3699 IMG_3703IMG_3703 IMG_3712IMG_3712 IMG_3721IMG_3721 IMG_3745IMG_3745

IMGL8898-webIMGL8898-web eileen molony-7503eileen molony-7503 eileen molony-7693eileen molony-7693 eileen molony-7727eileen molony-7727 eileen molony-7664eileen molony-7664 eileen molony-7581eileen molony-7581

IMGL4143-B&WIMGL4143-B&W IMGL4092IMGL4092 IMGL4115IMGL4115


And of course lots of event photography, college lectures, non-profit Galas, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera

IMGL2789IMGL2789 IMGL2786IMGL2786


eileen molony-6890eileen molony-6890 eileen molony-6906eileen molony-6906 eileen molony-6998eileen molony-6998 eileen molony-7016eileen molony-7016

IMGL2908IMGL2908 IMGL2926IMGL2926 IMGL2992IMGL2992 IMGL3050IMGL3050 IMG_3813IMG_3813 IMG_3811IMG_3811 IMG_3823IMG_3823 IMG_3841IMG_3841 IMGL3009IMGL3009 IMGL3010IMGL3010 IMG_3790IMG_3790

2V0A51172V0A5117 2V0A51652V0A5165 Oak Park Temple Bat Mitzvah and Party   2V0A52012V0A5201 2V0A52302V0A5230   2V0A52622V0A5262 2V0A52782V0A5278 2V0A53012V0A5301   2V0A53422V0A5342 2V0A53452V0A5345   2V0A53582V0A5358 2V0A53782V0A5378 2V0A53932V0A5393 2V0A53972V0A5397   2V0A54342V0A5434 2V0A54372V0A5437    2V0A54722V0A5472 IMG_3905IMG_3905 IMG_3919IMG_3919 2V0A55082V0A5508   2V0A55302V0A5530 2V0A55422V0A5542   2V0A55772V0A5577   2V0A56042V0A5604


IMGL7859IMGL7859 IMGL7869-2IMGL7869-2 IMGL7897IMGL7897 IMGL7907IMGL7907 IMGL7980IMGL7980 IMGL7987IMGL7987 IMGL9366IMGL9366 IMG_3462IMG_3462 IMGL9372IMGL9372 IMGL9390IMGL9390 IMGL9391IMGL9391 IMGL9425IMGL9425 IMGL9430IMGL9430 IMGL9486IMGL9486 IMGL9463IMGL9463 IMGL9465IMGL9465 IMGL9621IMGL9621 IMGL9629IMGL9629 IMGL9643IMGL9643 IMGL9663IMGL9663 IMGL9542IMGL9542 IMGL9574IMGL9574   IMG_3519IMG_3519 IMG_3544IMG_3544   IMG_3558IMG_3558 IMG_3573IMG_3573 IMG_3602IMG_3602 IMG_3611IMG_3611


IMGL1109IMGL1109 IMGL1106IMGL1106 IMGL1114IMGL1114 IMG_0926IMG_0926 IMG_0930IMG_0930 IMGL1153IMGL1153 IMGL1172IMGL1172 IMGL1181IMGL1181 IMGL1226IMGL1226 IMGL1290IMGL1290 IMGL1299IMGL1299

IMGL0867IMGL0867 IMGL0881IMGL0881 IMGL0883IMGL0883 IMGL0898IMGL0898 IMGL0946IMGL0946 IMGL0958IMGL0958 IMGL0955IMGL0955 IMGL0991IMGL0991 IMGL1031IMGL1031 IMGL1059IMGL1059 IMGL1068IMGL1068 IMGL1072IMGL1072


School Photography

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all kidsall kids

School Photography is not something I show a lot because there seems to always be a parent in a class who doesn't want their child showing up anywhere online so I want to respect that and not publish class photos. But for a bunch of years now I have done school portraits for a few schools in the area. The Children's School in Berwyn was the first to ask me to do this back in 2012 and I have worked with them every year since, adding Alcuin Montessori and Oak Park Friends over the years. It is a pretty entertaining experience and a lot of work. There are kids who love it and totally ham it up and there are kids who just stand there with a serious look on their face no matter what, and then there are the itty bitty ones who sometimes are scared to tears of anything unusual (and there is a lot of snot). The families get to review a gallery of images to choose from which I like more than pre-purchasing a package of that fake smile one you sometimes get with school photos, but sometimes that fake smile one is who the kid is at that moment in time and I appreciate those too. Here is just a taste of this past falls school photos.

IMG_3371IMG_3371 IMG_3205IMG_3205 IMG_3222IMG_3222 IMG_3240IMG_3240 IMG_3271IMG_3271 IMG_3391IMG_3391 IMG_3428IMG_3428 IMG_3443-2IMG_3443-2 IMG_0824IMG_0824 IMG_3387IMG_3387 IMGL2535IMGL2535 IMGL2417IMGL2417 IMGL2442-2IMGL2442-2 IMGL2541IMGL2541 IMGL2346IMGL2346 IMGL2301IMGL2301 C9C9

IMG_0763-2IMG_0763-2 IMG_0022IMG_0022 IMG_0035-2IMG_0035-2 IMG_0061-2IMG_0061-2 IMG_0249-2IMG_0249-2 IMG_0234IMG_0234 IMG_0314-2IMG_0314-2 IMG_0349IMG_0349 IMG_0428-2IMG_0428-2

IMG_1753IMG_1753 IMG_1404IMG_1404 IMG_1427IMG_1427 IMG_1438IMG_1438 IMG_1451IMG_1451 IMG_1539IMG_1539 IMG_1507IMG_1507 IMG_1707IMG_1707 IMG_1715IMG_1715

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