Back to school

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1st day1st day

And there they go, off back to school for another year. How did the summer go by so fast.

​I did work but mostly I hung out with these two, we went on a few trips, we went to the pool A LOT, we ate a lot of ice-cream and somehow three months went by in the blink of an eye.

​One of our trips was to this fab cabin where we got to relax in nature, where we kayaked, cannoned, read, sat, chatted and made some good food.

eileen molony-7297eileen molony-7297 IMG_5299IMG_5299   


IMGL7261IMGL7261 IMGL7283IMGL7283 IMGL7336IMGL7336 IMGL7329IMGL7329 IMGL7342IMGL7342 IMGL7350IMGL7350 IMGL7357IMGL7357 IMGL7360IMGL7360

IMGL7377IMGL7377 There were a lot of laughs and a little magic



We realize vacations with friends are really awesome for the kids so we drove to Colorado and camped with a few other families, again nature is the way to go. I pretty much took these days off photography, a few snaps on a stop along the way, and a few snaps at the campsite. I just experienced the wonderful scenery and left the landscapes photography to the guide books.

IMGL7998IMGL7998 IMGL8005IMGL8005 IMGL8007IMGL8007 IMGL8014IMGL8014 IMGL8017IMGL8017 IMGL8023IMGL8023

​There was sports, plays, three birthdays, family visits, playdates and most importantly there was downtime to draw, read and create town and building and worlds.


IMGL5239IMGL5239 IMGL5220IMGL5220 IMGL5124IMGL5124 IMGL5154IMGL5154 IMGL5114IMGL5114

Flases of Hope 2016

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Some images from my last volunteer day for Flashes Of Hope.

I don't think I need to write a lot in this post, I'm posting because this Sunday is Mother's Day and my heart goes out to all the mothers trying to do their best for their children, and all that encompasses. But especially those fighting cancer and other illnesses.

Alehandro Claure 8x12-1520Alehandro Claure 8x12-1520 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1543Alejandro Claure 4x6-1543 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1557Alejandro Claure 4x6-1557 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1564Alejandro Claure 4x6-1564 Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1489Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1489 Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1507Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1507

Jordan Johnson 4x6-1423Jordan Johnson 4x6-1423 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1409Jordan Johnson 4x6-1409 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1431Jordan Johnson 4x6-1431 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1456Jordan Johnson 4x6-1456    Helena Garay 4x6-1277Helena Garay 4x6-1277 Helena Garay 4x6-1249Helena Garay 4x6-1249

  Jordin Montgomery Douglas 4x6-1395Jordin Montgomery Douglas 4x6-1395 Josiah J Keys 4x6-1352Josiah J Keys 4x6-1352 Neriah Trice Keys 8x12-1300Neriah Trice Keys 8x12-1300


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Chicago Literacy Alliance @ Literacenter

Some of the folks over at Chicago Literacy Alliance last month. Check out the great work they do




And there was the fashion students of Dominican University with their end of year collections




Of course there were events, some educational, some fun

Oak Park Art League's Wig Out fundraiser

IMG_4949IMG_4949 IMG_4957IMG_4957 IMG_4977IMG_4977 IMG_4976IMG_4976 IMGL9045IMGL9045 IMGL9061IMGL9061 IMG_4989IMG_4989 IMG_4992IMG_4992 IMG_5016IMG_5016 IMG_5049IMG_5049 IMG_0666IMG_0666 IMG_0705IMG_0705



and final presentations for Northwestern's School of Education and Policy

IMGL9201IMGL9201 IMGL9174IMGL9174 IMGL9171IMGL9171 IMGL9225IMGL9225 IMGL9180IMGL9180 IMGL9247IMGL9247 IMGL9324IMGL9324 IMGL9342IMGL9342

along with the usual mix of stuff I can't post yet

and lots of other 'stuff' IMGL9774IMGL9774 IMGL9777-2IMGL9777-2 IMGL9846-2IMGL9846-2 IMGL9893IMGL9893


IMGL8317IMGL8317   IMGL8328IMGL8328

Now off to a busy week in Evanston photographing lots of research scientists for Northwestern's Research Magazine

Need a new headshot?

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Is it time to update your profile image, it can be as relaxed or as formal as needed.

Maybe you want one of both, or something fun, got you cover whatever way you want to go.

Here are some recent shoots.

IMGL8394IMGL8394 IMGL8412IMGL8412


IMGL4850-print1IMGL4850-print1 IMGL0715-printIMGL0715-print

Deborah T  by Eileen Molony-8000Deborah T by Eileen Molony-8000 IMGL0397IMGL0397

IMGL5186IMGL5186 IMGL7680IMGL7680 IMG_9355IMG_9355

by Eileen Molony-6902by Eileen Molony-6902 by Eileen Molony-7186by Eileen Molony-7186 by Eileen Molony-7418by Eileen Molony-7418 by Eileen Molony-7144by Eileen Molony-7144 by Eileen Molony-7350by Eileen Molony-7350 IMGL7217IMGL7217

$150 give us about a half hour to work together to get you two images

$300 gives us a lot more time, about one and a half hours to do a verity of images, and/or more creative images. We can go to multiple locations and change clothes (you, not me) and six final digital images are included. Additional files can be purchased.

family holiday cards

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The Autumn season was a whirlwind of photo shoots. Conferences, headshots, school portraits, marketing material and of course family photos for the end of year holiday card and gifts. Thank you to the families that return year after year, and the new people checking me out. 

We kept it very simple this year, left the concepts and props and presets and filters behind and pretty much went for simplicity. Not always easy to get family photos to look 'simple'. Bad light, cold weather, 4 kids at once are just a few things we had to work with on some of these, but we had fun and made the most of it all and got a lot of natural personality shinning through. 


The new year kicked in with lots of annual report photos followed this week with my first newborn of 2016.

IMGL8186IMGL8186 IMGL8170IMGL8170 keeping it simple


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