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Economist Carola Frydman


There was a busy start to the new year.

January 2nd, met with a couple who are now a wedding client for June, followed by a flurry of shoots. A bunch of editorials for Northwestern Research Magazine and their Impact report, some headshots for Urban CCD at Argonne National Labs, some hospital shots for Riveredge hospital, some lecture shots, and a bunch of business portraits and marketing images for a mix of clients, some traditional headshots some more playful.


Business and social profile image

2V0A50562V0A5056 2V0A4950-B&W2V0A4950-B&W 2V0A5068-web2V0A5068-web

 Acting Headshot


Business Headshot, Adam Salzman


Author, Alex Higley

by eileen molony-5659by eileen molony-5659

CIERA group - LIGO Scientific Collaboration

by eileen molony-5717by eileen molony-5717

Vicky Kalogera,

by eileen molony-5676by eileen molony-5676

Shane Larson

by eileen molony-5739by eileen molony-5739

Raffaella Margutti

by eileen molony-5749by eileen molony-5749 by eileen molony-5759by eileen molony-5759

Wen-fai Fong

by eileen molony-5755by eileen molony-5755

by eileen molony-5728by eileen molony-5728

by eileen molony-5784by eileen molony-5784

Priya Kumthekar

by eileen molony-5815by eileen molony-5815

Priya Kumthekar and Alexander Stegh, neurology


Ellie McGaw, Year-Up

by eileen molony-5956by eileen molony-5956 by eileen molony-5958by eileen molony-5958

Minoli Perera, Pharmacogenomics

by eileen molony-5992by eileen molony-5992 by eileen molony-6000by eileen molony-6000 by eileen molony-6015by eileen molony-6015

by eileen molony-6243by eileen molony-6243

Madhav Mani, Applied Mathematics and Molecular Biosciences

by eileen molony-6208-2by eileen molony-6208-2

by eileen molony-6472-2by eileen molony-6472-2 by eileen molony-6461by eileen molony-6461

David Dana, Environmental Policy

2V0A62682V0A6268 2V0A62972V0A6297

Family Flow Yoga, Laurie & Adrienne

2V0A63792V0A6379 2V0A6352-web2V0A6352-web

2V0A65172V0A6517 2V0A65452V0A6545 2V0A65602V0A6560 2V0A66002V0A6600 2V0A66312V0A6631

Elizabeth, Creating Balance Massage & Energy

color jpegcolor jpeg

Realtor, Mary Carlin

Dev-Sci report and social

2V0A54712V0A5471 2V0A54992V0A5499 2V0A55092V0A5509 2V0A55102V0A5510 2V0A55452V0A5545 2V0A55482V0A5548 2V0A55582V0A5558 2V0A55642V0A5564 2V0A55272V0A5527

2V0A55692V0A5569 2V0A56322V0A5632 2V0A56342V0A5634 2V0A56422V0A5642

2V0A50972V0A5097 2V0A51232V0A5123

JillSalzman, The Founding Mom


2V0A51532V0A5153 2V0A51702V0A5170 2V0A51952V0A5195 2V0A52332V0A5233

2V0A45812V0A4581 2V0A45562V0A4556

Riveredge Hospital, two part shoot, a few of these were from late December

2V0A46412V0A4641 2V0A46292V0A4629 2V0A46002V0A4600

2V0A64022V0A6402 2V0A45832V0A4583 2V0A48442V0A4844 2V0A47532V0A4753

2V0A63902V0A6390 2V0A47162V0A4716

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) adam alex carola economist frydman higley kalogera kumthekar larson minoli perera priya salzman shane vicky http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/3/jan-18-recap Thu, 22 Mar 2018 15:01:46 GMT
2018 Senior portrait http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/2/2018-senior-portrait teen6teen6

Senior Portrait or 8th grade graduation, time for a portrait.

I will be running a couple of senior portrait mini session days this spring. Short half hour session, $150, 5 images. email if you would like to be added to the list Eileen@emphotography.net

These sessions will reflect your teen's 2018 personality. Also good for actor headshots for the theater majors. To see more work in this area visit http://www.emphotography.net/teens

teen9teen9 teen3teen3 teen10teen10 teen1teen1 teen2teen2 teen4teen4 teen7teen7 teen8teen8 teen11teen11 teen5teen5

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) high school oak park opfr river forest senior portrait teen photography http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/2/2018-senior-portrait Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:47:24 GMT
Autumn '17 editorial and headshots http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/autumn-17-editorial-and-other-work 2V0A03002V0A0300

Autumn was filled with business headshots and editorial work,

here is a little mix of that work



2V0A50462V0A5046 2V0A50512V0A5051 2V0A46582V0A4658 2V0A46712V0A4671

2V0A39742V0A3974 2V0A39922V0A3992

Wisecup by eileen molony-1546Wisecup by eileen molony-1546 Wisecup by eileen molony-1497Wisecup by eileen molony-1497 2V0A27812V0A2781 Chen by eileen molony-1620Chen by eileen molony-1620 Chen by eileen molony-1650Chen by eileen molony-1650 Chen by eileen molony-1672Chen by eileen molony-1672

2V0A42692V0A4269 2V0A42772V0A4277

Stupp by eileen molony-1757Stupp by eileen molony-1757

2V0A4455-32V0A4455-3 2V0A4527-22V0A4527-2

staffAstaffA staffBstaffB 2V0A40692V0A4069

2V0A69932V0A6993 2V0A70652V0A7065 2V0A6952-22V0A6952-2 2V0A70582V0A7058

2V0A02422V0A0242 2V0A02632V0A0263

2V0A46142V0A4614 2V0A46192V0A4619 2V0A46402V0A4640 2V0A46382V0A4638 2V0A49642V0A4964 2V0A50182V0A5018

2V0A65752V0A6575 2V0A49852V0A4985 2V0A50312V0A5031 2V0A50332V0A5033 2V0A45442V0A4544 2V0A45592V0A4559 2V0A45662V0A4566 2V0A46862V0A4686 2V0A46982V0A4698    Packman by eileen molony-3600Packman by eileen molony-3600 2V0A61722V0A6172 2V0A61742V0A6174 2V0A62262V0A6226 by eileen molony-4038-2by eileen molony-4038-2 by eileen molony-4049-2by eileen molony-4049-2 by eileen molony-4102-2by eileen molony-4102-2 by eileen molony-4127-2by eileen molony-4127-2 by eileen molony-4114-2by eileen molony-4114-2 by eileen molony-4153-2by eileen molony-4153-2 by eileen molony-3925by eileen molony-3925 2V0A73422V0A7342 2V0A73742V0A7374 2V0A73842V0A7384 2V0A73692V0A7369 2V0A73892V0A7389 2V0A73962V0A7396 2V0A74042V0A7404 2V0A30912V0A3091 2V0A30922V0A3092 2V0A31192V0A3119 2V0A31342V0A3134 2V0A31352V0A3135 2V0A31582V0A3158 2V0A31812V0A3181 2V0A32252V0A3225 2V0A33052V0A3305 2V0A33122V0A3312 2V0A33292V0A3329 2V0A33452V0A3345 2V0A33982V0A3398 2V0A34072V0A3407 2V0A34642V0A3464


eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) actor headshot editorial photography environmental portrait jill salzman labs modelling headshot northwestern research studio headshot http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/autumn-17-editorial-and-other-work Thu, 18 Jan 2018 17:31:46 GMT
School Portraits 2017 http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/school-portraits-2017 whole schoolwhole school


I do school portraits for four schools in four weeks, that is a lot of fun faces and a few very serious ones.

One school I is mostly B&W, one is outdoors, some do group shots some don't, so each one is a little different

here is a taste

IMG_8692   1IMG_8692 1 IMG_8718IMG_8718 IMG_8783IMG_8783 IMG_9002IMG_9002 IMG_9009IMG_9009 IMG_9201IMG_9201   IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_9208-2IMG_9208-2 IMG_9248-2IMG_9248-2

2V0A82462V0A8246 2V0A82172V0A8217 2V0A81822V0A8182 2V0A8207-22V0A8207-2 2V0A85822V0A8582 2V0A85952V0A8595 2V0A87782V0A8778 2V0A81892V0A8189 2V0A88612V0A8861 2V0A88902V0A8890 2V0A88792V0A8879 2V0A9024-22V0A9024-2 2V0A88922V0A8892 2V0A90802V0A9080 2V0A8315-22V0A8315-2 2V0A84572V0A8457 2V0A94002V0A9400 2V0A8326-22V0A8326-2 2V0A94072V0A9407 2V0A92822V0A9282 2V0A92662V0A9266


IMG_1067IMG_1067 IMG_1125IMG_1125 IMG_0990IMG_0990 IMG_1029IMG_1029 IMG_1043IMG_1043 IMG_1063-2IMG_1063-2 Comp middleComp middledesigned to be printed 8x10 2V0A79232V0A7923 IMG_1874IMG_1874 2V0A80832V0A8083 IMG_1976IMG_1976 IMG_1728IMG_1728 IMG_1673IMG_1673 IMG_1690IMG_1690 2V0A7979-22V0A7979-2 2V0A81352V0A8135

and of course some staff

2V0A86102V0A8610 2V0A82932V0A8293 2V0A87992V0A8799 2V0A90862V0A9086 2V0A98002V0A9800 2V0A06612V0A0661 2V0A8173-22V0A8173-2 IMG_0688-2IMG_0688-2 IMG_0953-2IMG_0953-2 IMG_1179-2IMG_1179-2 IMG_1498-2IMG_1498-2 IMG_2021-2IMG_2021-2 2V0A7977-22V0A7977-2 2V0A72252V0A7225 2V0A71132V0A7113 2V0A71242V0A7124 2V0A71272V0A7127 2V0A71142V0A7114 2V0A71382V0A7138

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) alcuin montessori oak park friends school s school portraits the childrens school urban prairie waldorf http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/school-portraits-2017 Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:17:26 GMT
fall 2017 family recap http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/fall-2017-family-recap 2V0A27162V0A2716

Autumn to December is just so busy, my favorite season weather wise and one big flurry work wise. On top of the regular commercial work I do the rest of the year I photograph four schools in October and add in a bunch of family sessions on weekends. People want that image for their holiday cards and print to send to grandma.

Here is a little bit of the family work

2V0A27132V0A2713 2V0A27382V0A2738 2V0A27532V0A2753 2V0A2764-22V0A2764-2 2V0A27682V0A2768 2V0A2782-22V0A2782-2

2V0A28822V0A2882   2V0A29232V0A2923    2V0A29432V0A2943

I've been photographing these two families for a few years now, usually outdoors but we moved inside this year because of rain. 2V0A28472V0A2847


This one was a 'get everyone together' for a big group shot

another cold day so we were moving fast 2V0A33402V0A3340

2V0A34382V0A3438 2V0A3440-22V0A3440-2

2V0A00352V0A0035 You just got to love this family.

I photographed them earlier in the summer on the day the baby was born, then we met down town for this fun and games

2V0A00672V0A0067 2V0A00752V0A0075 2V0A0080-22V0A0080-2 2V0A00822V0A0082 2V0A0094-22V0A0094-2 2V0A01172V0A0117 2V0A01282V0A0128 2V0A0146-22V0A0146-2 2V0A0154-22V0A0154-2 2V0A01572V0A0157 2V0A01712V0A0171



There were a lot of cold days, another was so windy by the lake we had to move in a little bit

but this dog made it all worth it


2V0A0396-22V0A0396-2 2V0A04162V0A0416 2V0A04172V0A0417 2V0A04372V0A0437 2V0A04342V0A0434 2V0A04532V0A0453 2V0A04582V0A0458 2V0A0500-22V0A0500-2

A quick stop outdoors followed by a hot chocolate

2V0A30902V0A3090 2V0A31222V0A3122 2V0A31422V0A3142 2V0A31632V0A3163 2V0A31482V0A3148

2V0A09092V0A0909 2V0A10312V0A1031   2V0A09692V0A0969   2V0A09952V0A0995 2V0A10472V0A1047

2V0A47962V0A4796 2V0A47852V0A4785 2V0A48222V0A4822 2V0A48332V0A4833 2V0A48502V0A4850 2V0A48282V0A4828 2V0A48232V0A4823 2V0A48572V0A4857 2V0A47412V0A4741 2V0A47662V0A4766 2V0A48072V0A4807

2V0A4327-22V0A4327-2 2V0A4329-22V0A4329-2 2V0A4366-22V0A4366-2 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A4381-22V0A4381-2 2V0A43882V0A4388 2V0A44222V0A4422 2V0A44292V0A4429 2V0A44342V0A4434 2V0A44572V0A4457 2V0A44602V0A4460 2V0A44662V0A4466

leaf4leaf4fun for front and back of card 2V0A24802V0A2480 2V0A24932V0A2493 2V0A25032V0A2503 2V0A25322V0A2532 2V0A25242V0A2524 2V0A25292V0A2529

2V0A98632V0A9863 2V0A98672V0A9867 2V0A98832V0A9883 2V0A99002V0A9900 2V0A9905-22V0A9905-2 2V0A99112V0A9911 2V0A99342V0A9934 2V0A9934-22V0A9934-2 2V0A99462V0A9946 2V0A99552V0A9955


2V0A2953-8x102V0A2953-8x10 2V0A29752V0A2975 2V0A29792V0A2979 2V0A2984-22V0A2984-2 2V0A2986-22V0A2986-2 2V0A30182V0A3018 2V0A30442V0A3044



and the last big one of the season, everybody squeeze in for the family festivus

2V0A42842V0A4284 2V0A43242V0A4324 2V0A43452V0A4345 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A43982V0A4398

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) children family photography oak park river forest portraits' s http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/1/fall-2017-family-recap Wed, 17 Jan 2018 17:10:40 GMT
Editorial and other spring work http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/8/editorial-and-other-spring-work Jesus by Eileen Molony-9759Jesus by Eileen Molony-9759

Northwestern Research Magazine editorial images

K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9914-2K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9914-2 K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9928K. Gray by Eileen Molony-9928 Jesus by Eileen Molony-9764Jesus by Eileen Molony-9764 Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0001Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0001 Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0004Kozorovitskiy by Eileen Molony-0004 Eileen Molony-0953Eileen Molony-0953 Eileen Molony-0960Eileen Molony-0960 eileen molony-8179eileen molony-8179 eileen molony-8203eileen molony-8203 eileen molony-8244eileen molony-8244 eileen molony-8287eileen molony-8287 by Eileen Molony-1365by Eileen Molony-1365 by Eileen Molony-1390by Eileen Molony-1390 by Eileen Molony-1424by Eileen Molony-1424 by Eileen Molony-1439by Eileen Molony-1439 by Eileen Molony-1540by Eileen Molony-1540

malthouse by eileen molony-9249malthouse by eileen molony-9249 eileen molony-9815eileen molony-9815 eileen molony-9823eileen molony-9823 eileen molony-9795eileen molony-9795 eileen molony-9801eileen molony-9801 eileen molony-9834eileen molony-9834 by Eileen Molony-1476by Eileen Molony-1476 IMG_8234IMG_8234

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) cover photo editorial shoot northwestern research magazine http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/8/editorial-and-other-spring-work Mon, 28 Aug 2017 19:00:05 GMT
events, headshot and a general mix of recent work http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/8/events-headshot-and-a-general-mix-of-recent-work 'OLLI eileen molony-0664eileen molony-0664

Senior Portrait

eileen molony-0701eileen molony-0701 eileen molony-0755eileen molony-0755 eileen molony-0794eileen molony-0794



eileen molony-0814eileen molony-0814

eileen molony-0571-2eileen molony-0571-2I think this should be highlighted on your website eileen molony-0631eileen molony-0631I think this is a definite pick


2V0A8840-32V0A8840-3 2V0A88472V0A8847

2V0A18582V0A1858 2V0A18442V0A1844 2V0A1936 B&W-22V0A1936 B&W-2 2V0A18012V0A1801

2V0A09312V0A0931 2V0A92572V0A9257 2V0A9258-22V0A9258-2 2V0A9263-22V0A9263-2 2V0A92532V0A9253



2V0A05672V0A0567 2V0A07412V0A0741 2V0A0765-22V0A0765-2 2V0A08092V0A0809

Lots and lots of education marketing material and event of all kinds

eileen molony-9946eileen molony-9946 eileen molony-9800eileen molony-9800 eileen molony-9813eileen molony-9813 eileen molony-9864eileen molony-9864 eileen molony-9871eileen molony-9871 eileen molony-9988eileen molony-9988 eileen molony-9990eileen molony-9990 eileen molony-0022eileen molony-0022

2V0A97302V0A9730 2V0A97462V0A9746 2V0A97882V0A9788

eileen molony-0875eileen molony-0875 eileen molony-0854eileen molony-0854 eileen molony-0882eileen molony-0882 eileen molony-0893eileen molony-0893 eileen molony-1056eileen molony-1056 eileen molony-1069eileen molony-1069

2V0A11572V0A1157 2V0A11802V0A1180 IMG_7879IMG_7879 IMG_7883IMG_7883 2V0A12212V0A1221 2V0A12472V0A1247

eileen molony-8403eileen molony-8403 eileen molony-8441eileen molony-8441

IMG_8408IMG_8408 2V0A96352V0A9635 2V0A96322V0A9632 2V0A96452V0A9645 2V0A96492V0A9649 2V0A97092V0A9709 2V0A97302V0A9730 2V0A97362V0A9736

2V0A26022V0A2602 2V0A26082V0A2608 2V0A26112V0A2611 2V0A26602V0A2660 2V0A27012V0A2701

eileen molony-9778eileen molony-9778 eileen molony-9779eileen molony-9779 eileen molony-9791eileen molony-9791 eileen molony-9804eileen molony-9804 eileen molony-9914eileen molony-9914 eileen molony-9915eileen molony-9915 eileen molony-9925eileen molony-9925 eileen molony-9946eileen molony-9946 eileen molony-9938eileen molony-9938 eileen molony-9969eileen molony-9969 eileen molony-9976eileen molony-9976 eileen molony-0034eileen molony-0034 eileen molony-0052eileen molony-0052 eileen molony-8437eileen molony-8437 eileen molony-8435eileen molony-8435 eileen molony-0093eileen molony-0093

2V0A19862V0A1986 2V0A19962V0A1996 2V0A20512V0A2051 2V0A22042V0A2204 2V0A22022V0A2202

eileen molony-0007eileen molony-0007 eileen molony-9993eileen molony-9993

eileen molony-0019eileen molony-0019

2V0A87302V0A8730 2V0A87382V0A8738 2V0A87532V0A8753 eileen molony-8654eileen molony-8654 eileen molony-8699eileen molony-8699 eileen molony-8706eileen molony-8706 eileen molony-8724eileen molony-8724 2V0A92702V0A9270 2V0A92922V0A9292 2V0A93002V0A9300 2V0A93112V0A9311 2V0A92432V0A9243 2V0A93362V0A9336 2V0A94062V0A9406 2V0A94142V0A9414 2V0A94262V0A9426

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) acting headshot beyond books dean gibbons lifestyle portraits mccormick school graduation olli at ravinia" pleasant home gala senior portrait sps 2017 convocation http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/8/events-headshot-and-a-general-mix-of-recent-work Mon, 28 Aug 2017 18:59:38 GMT
Dominican fashion 2017 http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/4/dominican-fashion-2017 Eileen Molony-0431Eileen Molony-0431

Always fun to do a little fashion work with design student.

Here are some images for Dominican University student fashion show.

Eileen Molony-0450Eileen Molony-0450

Eileen Molony-0381Eileen Molony-0381 Eileen Molony-0476Eileen Molony-0476 Eileen Molony-0521Eileen Molony-0521 Eileen Molony-0490Eileen Molony-0490

Eileen Molony-0623Eileen Molony-0623 Eileen Molony-0644Eileen Molony-0644 Eileen Molony-0631-2Eileen Molony-0631-2 Eileen Molony-0564-BEileen Molony-0564-B Eileen Molony-0594Eileen Molony-0594 Eileen Molony-0391Eileen Molony-0391

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Dominican university fashion show editorial fashion photos http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/4/dominican-fashion-2017 Mon, 10 Apr 2017 21:55:03 GMT
early 2017 headshots, editorial and events http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/3/update                 2V0A8143-B&W2V0A8143-B&W

update with some recent work from early 2017

2V0A81482V0A8148 2V0A81012V0A8101

2V0A85432V0A8543 2V0A85692V0A8569

eileen molony-9037eileen molony-9037

eileen molony-9064eileen molony-9064 2V0A85102V0A8510 2V0A84782V0A8478 2V0A88872V0A8887 2V0A88992V0A8899 2V0A89132V0A8913 2V0A88442V0A8844

2V0A87772V0A8777 2V0A78202V0A7820 2V0A78152V0A7815 2V0A7739-22V0A7739-2



Headshot, small business marketing images and education marketing and events have be the focus of much of my 2017 work so far.

Northwestern has kept me busy both with work for the upcoming research magazine and editorials for SPS website, while here in Oak Park I've been doing some lifestyle headshots and small business creative work in the snow. 


2V0A72932V0A7293   2V0A72912V0A7291 2V0A7323-22V0A7323-2 2V0A73352V0A7335 2V0A73912V0A7391

7403B&W snow7403B&W snow

2V0A74692V0A7469 2V0A74892V0A7489 2V0A75012V0A7501 2V0A75372V0A7537 2V0A7568-22V0A7568-2 2V0A75822V0A7582 2V0A7584-22V0A7584-2 2V0A75922V0A7592 2V0A75992V0A7599 2V0A76042V0A7604 2V0A76352V0A7635

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) event headshot lab lifestyle photography research university http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/3/update Wed, 22 Mar 2017 20:04:51 GMT
Gala event photography http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/3/gala-event-photography Last week was super busy with a total of 9 shoots. Five for Northwestern Research Magazine due to come out in May, a student poster presentation event for the school of policy and education at Northwestern, a fashion shoot for Dominican University design department and two of the three nonprofit Gala/Parties I have photographed in the past month. Hephizbah Children's Association 'Heart of Gold Ball', Oak Park Art league 'Heads or Tails',  &  Housing Forward 'Have a Heart' all have had their annual fundraisers in the past month. Here are some images from these events.

Eileen Molony-7718Eileen Molony-7718

Eileen Molony-7696Eileen Molony-7696 Eileen Molony-7721Eileen Molony-7721 Eileen Molony-7729Eileen Molony-7729 Eileen Molony-7768Eileen Molony-7768 Eileen Molony-7777Eileen Molony-7777 Eileen Molony-7839Eileen Molony-7839 Eileen Molony-0677Eileen Molony-0677 Eileen Molony-0680Eileen Molony-0680 Eileen Molony-0706Eileen Molony-0706 Eileen Molony-0713Eileen Molony-0713 Eileen Molony-0705Eileen Molony-0705 Eileen Molony-0717Eileen Molony-0717 Eileen Molony-0721Eileen Molony-0721 Eileen Molony-0723Eileen Molony-0723 Eileen Molony-0745Eileen Molony-0745 Eileen Molony-0758Eileen Molony-0758 Eileen Molony-0783Eileen Molony-0783 Eileen Molony-7850Eileen Molony-7850 Eileen Molony-0810Eileen Molony-0810 Eileen Molony-0818Eileen Molony-0818 Eileen Molony-7847Eileen Molony-7847 Eileen Molony-0844Eileen Molony-0844 Eileen Molony-0895Eileen Molony-0895 Eileen Molony-0907Eileen Molony-0907

Hephzibah Children's 'Heart of Gold Ball' at The Bridgeport Arts Center

full gallery http://www.emphotography.net/heartofgold


Oak Park Art League's 'Heads or Tails' party at Wire

full gallery http://www.emphotography.net/headsortails

Housing Forward 2017 'Have A Heart' Gala at The Palmer House Hotel

full gallery http://www.emphotography.net/heart25

2V0A91252V0A9125 2V0A91512V0A9151 2V0A91542V0A9154 2V0A91552V0A9155 2V0A91602V0A9160 2V0A91632V0A9163 2V0A91652V0A9165 2V0A92402V0A9240 IMG_7480IMG_7480 IMG_7481IMG_7481 IMG_7484IMG_7484 IMG_7510IMG_7510 IMG_7542IMG_7542 IMG_7555IMG_7555 IMG_7570-2IMG_7570-2 IMG_7576IMG_7576 IMG_7581IMG_7581 IMG_7528IMG_7528 2V0A91722V0A9172 IMG_7469IMG_7469

2V0A92052V0A9205 2V0A92112V0A9211 2V0A92122V0A9212 2V0A92202V0A9220 2V0A92232V0A9223 2V0A92242V0A9224 2V0A92422V0A9242 2V0A92452V0A9245

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) , "Hephizbah Children 2017 Association Gala event photography Heart of Gold Ball", Housing Forward Have a Heart Oak Park Art League Heads or Tails s http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/3/gala-event-photography Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:32:41 GMT
2016 Autumn business http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/2016-autumn-business research coverresearch cover

Sept through Dec is a whirlwind of photo shoots so very little updates/blog posts are written so I am slowly catching up and working back. Here is some of what I worked on this fall. Starting with the cover image of the winter edition of Northwestern Research magazine which I shot a couple of the pieces. Got a little playful with lighting for this one.

2V0A60322V0A6032 2V0A6074-32V0A6074-3

2V0A3592-22V0A3592-2 2V0A43272V0A4327 IMGL2207IMGL2207 IMGL2161IMGL2161

IMGL2238IMGL2238 IMGL2223IMGL2223 IMGL2218IMGL2218

2V0A51022V0A5102 2V0A51012V0A5101

Photographed store windows that some visual merchandising students decorated for the holiday season.

Worked on images for a fashion styling book that will be out soon.

IMGL1513IMGL1513 IMGL1518IMGL1518 IMGL1526IMGL1526

Lots of headshots, some straight headshots, some leaving space for logo and text.

2V0A31922V0A3192 2V0A31182V0A3118 2V0A30862V0A3086


IMGL9263IMGL9263 IMGL9294IMGL9294 IMGL9167IMGL9167 IMGL9203IMGL9203 IMGL9248IMGL9248

IMGL2593IMGL2593 IMGL2611IMGL2611 IMGL2619IMGL2619

Staff shots both exterior and studio look

IMG_3633IMG_3633 IMG_3699IMG_3699 IMG_3703IMG_3703 IMG_3712IMG_3712 IMG_3721IMG_3721 IMG_3745IMG_3745

IMGL8898-webIMGL8898-web eileen molony-7503eileen molony-7503 eileen molony-7693eileen molony-7693 eileen molony-7727eileen molony-7727 eileen molony-7664eileen molony-7664 eileen molony-7581eileen molony-7581

IMGL4143-B&WIMGL4143-B&W IMGL4092IMGL4092 IMGL4115IMGL4115


And of course lots of event photography, college lectures, non-profit Galas, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera

IMGL2789IMGL2789 IMGL2786IMGL2786


eileen molony-6890eileen molony-6890 eileen molony-6906eileen molony-6906 eileen molony-6998eileen molony-6998 eileen molony-7016eileen molony-7016

IMGL2908IMGL2908 IMGL2926IMGL2926 IMGL2992IMGL2992 IMGL3050IMGL3050 IMG_3813IMG_3813 IMG_3811IMG_3811 IMG_3823IMG_3823 IMG_3841IMG_3841 IMGL3009IMGL3009 IMGL3010IMGL3010 IMG_3790IMG_3790

2V0A51172V0A5117 2V0A51652V0A5165 Oak Park Temple Bat Mitzvah and Party   2V0A52012V0A5201 2V0A52302V0A5230   2V0A52622V0A5262 2V0A52782V0A5278 2V0A53012V0A5301   2V0A53422V0A5342 2V0A53452V0A5345   2V0A53582V0A5358 2V0A53782V0A5378 2V0A53932V0A5393 2V0A53972V0A5397   2V0A54342V0A5434 2V0A54372V0A5437    2V0A54722V0A5472 IMG_3905IMG_3905 IMG_3919IMG_3919 2V0A55082V0A5508   2V0A55302V0A5530 2V0A55422V0A5542   2V0A55772V0A5577   2V0A56042V0A5604


IMGL7859IMGL7859 IMGL7869-2IMGL7869-2 IMGL7897IMGL7897 IMGL7907IMGL7907 IMGL7980IMGL7980 IMGL7987IMGL7987 IMGL9366IMGL9366 IMG_3462IMG_3462 IMGL9372IMGL9372 IMGL9390IMGL9390 IMGL9391IMGL9391 IMGL9425IMGL9425 IMGL9430IMGL9430 IMGL9486IMGL9486 IMGL9463IMGL9463 IMGL9465IMGL9465 IMGL9621IMGL9621 IMGL9629IMGL9629 IMGL9643IMGL9643 IMGL9663IMGL9663 IMGL9542IMGL9542 IMGL9574IMGL9574   IMG_3519IMG_3519 IMG_3544IMG_3544   IMG_3558IMG_3558 IMG_3573IMG_3573 IMG_3602IMG_3602 IMG_3611IMG_3611


IMGL1109IMGL1109 IMGL1106IMGL1106 IMGL1114IMGL1114 IMG_0926IMG_0926 IMG_0930IMG_0930 IMGL1153IMGL1153 IMGL1172IMGL1172 IMGL1181IMGL1181 IMGL1226IMGL1226 IMGL1290IMGL1290 IMGL1299IMGL1299

IMGL0867IMGL0867 IMGL0881IMGL0881 IMGL0883IMGL0883 IMGL0898IMGL0898 IMGL0946IMGL0946 IMGL0958IMGL0958 IMGL0955IMGL0955 IMGL0991IMGL0991 IMGL1031IMGL1031 IMGL1059IMGL1059 IMGL1068IMGL1068 IMGL1072IMGL1072


eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Oak Park Bat Mitzvah photography Sarah's Inn Gala northwestern university photography quinceanera Oak Park http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/2016-autumn-business Tue, 21 Feb 2017 20:29:20 GMT
School Photography http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/school-photography all kidsall kids

School Photography is not something I show a lot because there seems to always be a parent in a class who doesn't want their child showing up anywhere online so I want to respect that and not publish class photos. But for a bunch of years now I have done school portraits for a few schools in the area. The Children's School in Berwyn was the first to ask me to do this back in 2012 and I have worked with them every year since, adding Alcuin Montessori and Oak Park Friends over the years. It is a pretty entertaining experience and a lot of work. There are kids who love it and totally ham it up and there are kids who just stand there with a serious look on their face no matter what, and then there are the itty bitty ones who sometimes are scared to tears of anything unusual (and there is a lot of snot). The families get to review a gallery of images to choose from which I like more than pre-purchasing a package of that fake smile one you sometimes get with school photos, but sometimes that fake smile one is who the kid is at that moment in time and I appreciate those too. Here is just a taste of this past falls school photos.

IMG_3371IMG_3371 IMG_3205IMG_3205 IMG_3222IMG_3222 IMG_3240IMG_3240 IMG_3271IMG_3271 IMG_3391IMG_3391 IMG_3428IMG_3428 IMG_3443-2IMG_3443-2 IMG_0824IMG_0824 IMG_3387IMG_3387 IMGL2535IMGL2535 IMGL2417IMGL2417 IMGL2442-2IMGL2442-2 IMGL2541IMGL2541 IMGL2346IMGL2346 IMGL2301IMGL2301 C9C9

IMG_0763-2IMG_0763-2 IMG_0022IMG_0022 IMG_0035-2IMG_0035-2 IMG_0061-2IMG_0061-2 IMG_0249-2IMG_0249-2 IMG_0234IMG_0234 IMG_0314-2IMG_0314-2 IMG_0349IMG_0349 IMG_0428-2IMG_0428-2

IMG_1753IMG_1753 IMG_1404IMG_1404 IMG_1427IMG_1427 IMG_1438IMG_1438 IMG_1451IMG_1451 IMG_1539IMG_1539 IMG_1507IMG_1507 IMG_1707IMG_1707 IMG_1715IMG_1715

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago oak park photography school http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/school-photography Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:53:55 GMT
fall family shoots http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/fall-family-shoots triptrip

here are some of the 2016 fall family sessions

a mix of lifestyle and lightly posed

2V0A47442V0A4744 2V0A47522V0A4752 2V0A46502V0A4650 2V0A4659-22V0A4659-2 2V0A47062V0A4706 2V0A46842V0A4684 2V0A47972V0A4797

2V0A45712V0A4571 2V0A46012V0A4601 2V0A45852V0A4585 2V0A46292V0A4629 2V0A36612V0A3661 2V0A37132V0A3713 2V0A36792V0A3679 2V0A3670-22V0A3670-2 2V0A3687-22V0A3687-2 2V0A49422V0A4942 2V0A48962V0A4896 2V0A49022V0A4902

2V0A49242V0A4924 2V0A62292V0A6229LOVE this one. I don't know your parents but don't see how they couldn't love it. To me everyone looks so comfortable together and in themselves 2V0A61952V0A6195 2V0A63422V0A6342 2V0A62862V0A6286

2V0A58102V0A5810 2V0A58432V0A5843 2V0A5953-22V0A5953-2 2V0A58712V0A5871 2V0A59712V0A5971 2V0A69482V0A6948 2V0A70222V0A7022 2V0A70282V0A7028 2V0A6989-22V0A6989-2 2V0A70042V0A7004 2V0A7012-22V0A7012-2 2V0A67962V0A6796 2V0A6689-22V0A6689-2 2V0A60962V0A6096 2V0A60922V0A6092 2V0A61002V0A6100 2V0A61402V0A6140 44 2V0A44742V0A4474 2V0A44952V0A4495 2V0A45092V0A4509 2V0A68772V0A6877 2V0A48162V0A4816I love this! 2V0A4825-22V0A4825-2 2V0A3466-22V0A3466-2 2V0A34522V0A3452 2V0A3519-22V0A3519-2 2V0A3530-22V0A3530-2 2V0A35102V0A3510 2V0A35422V0A3542 20-2120-21 IMGL9831IMGL9831 IMGL9836IMGL9836 IMGL9853IMGL9853 IMGL9865IMGL9865 IMGL9870IMGL9870 IMGL9903IMGL9903 IMGL9943IMGL9943 IMGL9956IMGL9956 IMGL9989IMGL9989 IMGL4690IMGL4690 IMGL4702IMGL4702 IMGL4744IMGL4744 IMGL4759IMGL4759 IMGL4752IMGL4752 IMGL4772IMGL4772 IMGL9673IMGL9673 IMGL9776IMGL9776 IMGL9810IMGL9810 IMGL9763IMGL9763 IMGL9699IMGL9699 IMGL9749-2IMGL9749-2 IMGL9773IMGL9773 IMGL9991IMGL9991

2V0A74362V0A7436I think this is the one 2V0A3258-22V0A3258-2 2V0A71632V0A7163 2V0A72352V0A7235 2V0A72562V0A7256

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Oak Park River Forest fall family photography lifestyle children portraits" s http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2017/2/fall-family-shoots Wed, 15 Feb 2017 03:47:29 GMT
Back to school http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/9/back-to-school 1st day1st day

And there they go, off back to school for another year. How did the summer go by so fast.

​I did work but mostly I hung out with these two, we went on a few trips, we went to the pool A LOT, we ate a lot of ice-cream and somehow three months went by in the blink of an eye.

​One of our trips was to this fab cabin where we got to relax in nature, where we kayaked, cannoned, read, sat, chatted and made some good food.

eileen molony-7297eileen molony-7297 IMG_5299IMG_5299   


IMGL7261IMGL7261 IMGL7283IMGL7283 IMGL7336IMGL7336 IMGL7329IMGL7329 IMGL7342IMGL7342 IMGL7350IMGL7350 IMGL7357IMGL7357 IMGL7360IMGL7360

IMGL7377IMGL7377 There were a lot of laughs and a little magic



We realize vacations with friends are really awesome for the kids so we drove to Colorado and camped with a few other families, again nature is the way to go. I pretty much took these days off photography, a few snaps on a stop along the way, and a few snaps at the campsite. I just experienced the wonderful scenery and left the landscapes photography to the guide books.

IMGL7998IMGL7998 IMGL8005IMGL8005 IMGL8007IMGL8007 IMGL8014IMGL8014 IMGL8017IMGL8017 IMGL8023IMGL8023

​There was sports, plays, three birthdays, family visits, playdates and most importantly there was downtime to draw, read and create town and building and worlds.


IMGL5239IMGL5239 IMGL5220IMGL5220 IMGL5124IMGL5124 IMGL5154IMGL5154 IMGL5114IMGL5114

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/9/back-to-school Fri, 09 Sep 2016 15:34:17 GMT
Flases of Hope 2016 http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/5/flases-of-hope-2016 Some images from my last volunteer day for Flashes Of Hope.

I don't think I need to write a lot in this post, I'm posting because this Sunday is Mother's Day and my heart goes out to all the mothers trying to do their best for their children, and all that encompasses. But especially those fighting cancer and other illnesses.

Alehandro Claure 8x12-1520Alehandro Claure 8x12-1520 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1543Alejandro Claure 4x6-1543 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1557Alejandro Claure 4x6-1557 Alejandro Claure 4x6-1564Alejandro Claure 4x6-1564 Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1489Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1489 Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1507Aaliyah Cook 4x6-1507

Jordan Johnson 4x6-1423Jordan Johnson 4x6-1423 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1409Jordan Johnson 4x6-1409 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1431Jordan Johnson 4x6-1431 Jordan Johnson 4x6-1456Jordan Johnson 4x6-1456    Helena Garay 4x6-1277Helena Garay 4x6-1277 Helena Garay 4x6-1249Helena Garay 4x6-1249

  Jordin Montgomery Douglas 4x6-1395Jordin Montgomery Douglas 4x6-1395 Josiah J Keys 4x6-1352Josiah J Keys 4x6-1352 Neriah Trice Keys 8x12-1300Neriah Trice Keys 8x12-1300

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/5/flases-of-hope-2016 Thu, 05 May 2016 19:02:25 GMT
March http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/4/march Chicago Literacy Alliance @ Literacenter

Some of the folks over at Chicago Literacy Alliance last month. Check out the great work they do http://chicagoliteracyalliance.org/a/




And there was the fashion students of Dominican University with their end of year collections




Of course there were events, some educational, some fun

Oak Park Art League's Wig Out fundraiser

IMG_4949IMG_4949 IMG_4957IMG_4957 IMG_4977IMG_4977 IMG_4976IMG_4976 IMGL9045IMGL9045 IMGL9061IMGL9061 IMG_4989IMG_4989 IMG_4992IMG_4992 IMG_5016IMG_5016 IMG_5049IMG_5049 IMG_0666IMG_0666 IMG_0705IMG_0705



and final presentations for Northwestern's School of Education and Policy

IMGL9201IMGL9201 IMGL9174IMGL9174 IMGL9171IMGL9171 IMGL9225IMGL9225 IMGL9180IMGL9180 IMGL9247IMGL9247 IMGL9324IMGL9324 IMGL9342IMGL9342

along with the usual mix of stuff I can't post yet

and lots of other 'stuff' IMGL9774IMGL9774 IMGL9777-2IMGL9777-2 IMGL9846-2IMGL9846-2 IMGL9893IMGL9893

IMGL9592IMGL9592 IMGL9602-2IMGL9602-2 IMGL9606-2IMGL9606-2 IMGL9659IMGL9659 IMGL9692IMGL9692 IMGL9701IMGL9701

IMGL8317IMGL8317   IMGL8328IMGL8328

Now off to a busy week in Evanston photographing lots of research scientists for Northwestern's Research Magazine

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago Literacy Alliance Dominican University fashion photography Northwestern University Oak Park Art League http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/4/march Wed, 06 Apr 2016 17:53:53 GMT
Need a new headshot? http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/2/need-a-new-headshot Is it time to update your profile image, it can be as relaxed or as formal as needed.

Maybe you want one of both, or something fun, got you cover whatever way you want to go.

Here are some recent shoots.

IMGL8394IMGL8394 IMGL8412IMGL8412


IMGL4850-print1IMGL4850-print1 IMGL0715-printIMGL0715-print

Deborah T  by Eileen Molony-8000Deborah T by Eileen Molony-8000 IMGL0397IMGL0397

IMGL5186IMGL5186 IMGL7680IMGL7680 IMG_9355IMG_9355

by Eileen Molony-6902by Eileen Molony-6902 by Eileen Molony-7186by Eileen Molony-7186 by Eileen Molony-7418by Eileen Molony-7418 by Eileen Molony-7144by Eileen Molony-7144 by Eileen Molony-7350by Eileen Molony-7350 IMGL7217IMGL7217

$150 give us about a half hour to work together to get you two images

$300 gives us a lot more time, about one and a half hours to do a verity of images, and/or more creative images. We can go to multiple locations and change clothes (you, not me) and six final digital images are included. Additional files can be purchased.

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Jill Salzman The Founding Mom Northwestern Staff headshots http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/2/need-a-new-headshot Wed, 17 Feb 2016 17:20:58 GMT
family holiday cards http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/1/family-holiday-cards blogblog

The Autumn season was a whirlwind of photo shoots. Conferences, headshots, school portraits, marketing material and of course family photos for the end of year holiday card and gifts. Thank you to the families that return year after year, and the new people checking me out. 

We kept it very simple this year, left the concepts and props and presets and filters behind and pretty much went for simplicity. Not always easy to get family photos to look 'simple'. Bad light, cold weather, 4 kids at once are just a few things we had to work with on some of these, but we had fun and made the most of it all and got a lot of natural personality shinning through. 


The new year kicked in with lots of annual report photos followed this week with my first newborn of 2016.

IMGL8186IMGL8186 IMGL8170IMGL8170 keeping it simple


eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2016/1/family-holiday-cards Fri, 22 Jan 2016 20:49:29 GMT
Magical Mind http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2015/11/magical-mind IMGL6934IMGL6934 still catching up on posting some October work.  

I spent a couple of hours at Magical Minds Studio, in the after school program, in the pre-school program and open studio. If your child hasn't checked it out please do, it is a really fun place to be for the littlies in our life. http://www.magicalmindsstudio.com/

They will have a lot of new photos on that site soon, including some of these.

This is work I really love to do, just be there... and document

IMGL6921IMGL6921 IMGL6923IMGL6923 IMGL6927IMGL6927 IMGL6928IMGL6928 IMGL6935IMGL6935 IMGL6950IMGL6950 IMGL6959IMGL6959 IMGL6967IMGL6967 IMGL6983IMGL6983 IMGL6999IMGL6999 IMGL7012IMGL7012 IMGL7019IMGL7019 IMGL7024IMGL7024 IMGL7042IMGL7042 IMGL7046IMGL7046   IMGL7060IMGL7060 IMGL7062IMGL7062   IMGL7081IMGL7081 IMGL7088IMGL7088 IMGL7090IMGL7090 IMGL7106IMGL7106 IMGL7098IMGL7098   IMGL7108IMGL7108 IMGL7120IMGL7120 IMGL7130IMGL7130 IMGL7153IMGL7153   IMGL7215IMGL7215 IMG_5782IMG_5782 IMG_5784IMG_5784 IMGL8694IMGL8694 IMGL8702IMGL8702   IMGL8705IMGL8705 IMGL8722IMGL8722 IMGL8729IMGL8729 IMGL8738IMGL8738 IMGL8739IMGL8739 IMGL8750IMGL8750 IMGL8759IMGL8759 IMGL8795IMGL8795 IMGL8820IMGL8820 IMGL8818IMGL8818 IMGL8835IMGL8835 IMGL8839IMGL8839    IMG_0108IMG_0108

eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) Magical Mind Studio Oak Park school documentary photography http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2015/11/magical-mind Fri, 06 Nov 2015 19:50:40 GMT
October Headshots http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2015/11/october-headshots I worked on many different styles of headshots the past month, here are some

these first images are the staff at The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition



Earlier I worked on the member directory shots for Oak Park Women's Guild

IMGL6002IMGL6002 IMGL6001IMGL6001

IMGL5964IMGL5964 IMGL6034IMGL6034

Kristen RealeKristen Reale Megan PuntilloMegan Puntillo


Northwestern University had me back again this year for their 'professional headshot photobooth'

IMG_4599IMG_4599 IMG_4594IMG_4594

IMG_4625IMG_4625 IMG_4631IMG_4631Two web quality images are available to download for free. The square images are ready for LinkedIn while the rectangular image are for other web usage.

Full size print quality versions are available for purchase.
IMG_4739IMG_4739Two web quality images are available to download for free. The square images are ready for LinkedIn while the rectangular image are for other web usage.

Full size print quality versions are available for purchase.
IMG_4744IMG_4744Two web quality images are available to download for free. The square images are ready for LinkedIn while the rectangular image are for other web usage.

Full size print quality versions are available for purchase.



Sometimes individuals need an update

IMGL9763IMGL9763 IMGL9777-2IMGL9777-2


and the schools, I've spent much of the month photographing in school, pre-schools, elementary, middle, art, after school and universities

all of them need headshots of the staff as well at the students, so here are some staff shots

staffstaff staffstaff


eileen@emphotography.net (Eileen Molony Photography) The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition The Oak Park Women's Guild business photo booth Northwestern SPS portraits school staff headshots http://www.emphotography.net/blog/2015/11/october-headshots Thu, 05 Nov 2015 20:25:56 GMT