If there is an image anyone wants touched up more please let me know by Dec 16th. Or if you have any other questions or requests.
I recommend mpix.com for printing, use the standard paper and add lustre coating to prints. The coating can be found in finishes before checkout. Printing is very hit or miss with places like Costco, and not great with places like walgreens. If anyone wants me to do their printing please email me your order by Dec 16th also.
To download all at once click on any image to enlarge, mouse over the top left of the image to see the dropdown menu, mouse over downloads and click All Available Originals. It will take a while to download as there are a lot of large files. Or you can download individually if you don't want everything. Some are in the gallery just for fun.
Please always download, don't drag or copy or you will not be getting the full file and they will not print correctly. My logo will not be on the images once you download.
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