There are three sets of images, the first being the headshot by the window, the second the wide shot with hall behind and the third a closer in version with hall behind. I like both the 1st and second. If you choose the set with the hall behind I may tone down the level of orange tungsten light behind.
There are then some extras of Kristen, you may want to choose an additional of her.
As we talked about, the light low light is difficult to work with especially for the group shot, but if there are one or two you like I can add them to whichever set you choose to use.
staffset 12V0A18262V0A18072V0A18022V0A18452V0A18362V0A18142V0A1796set 2staff wide2V0A17382V0A17032V0A17212V0A16822V0A17472V0A17732V0A1675set 12V0A1790