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Jan '18 recap

March 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

by eileen molony-6137by eileen molony-6137

by eileen molony-6179by eileen molony-6179

by eileen molony-6121by eileen molony-6121

Economist Carola Frydman


There was a busy start to the new year.

January 2nd, met with a couple who are now a wedding client for June, followed by a flurry of shoots. A bunch of editorials for Northwestern Research Magazine and their Impact report, some headshots for Urban CCD at Argonne National Labs, some hospital shots for Riveredge hospital, some lecture shots, and a bunch of business portraits and marketing images for a mix of clients, some traditional headshots some more playful.


Business and social profile image

2V0A50562V0A5056 2V0A4950-B&W2V0A4950-B&W 2V0A5068-web2V0A5068-web

 Acting Headshot


Business Headshot, Adam Salzman


Author, Alex Higley

by eileen molony-5659by eileen molony-5659

CIERA group - LIGO Scientific Collaboration

by eileen molony-5717by eileen molony-5717

Vicky Kalogera,

by eileen molony-5676by eileen molony-5676

Shane Larson

by eileen molony-5739by eileen molony-5739

Raffaella Margutti

by eileen molony-5749by eileen molony-5749 by eileen molony-5759by eileen molony-5759

Wen-fai Fong

by eileen molony-5755by eileen molony-5755

by eileen molony-5728by eileen molony-5728

by eileen molony-5784by eileen molony-5784

Priya Kumthekar

by eileen molony-5815by eileen molony-5815

Priya Kumthekar and Alexander Stegh, neurology


Ellie McGaw, Year-Up

by eileen molony-5956by eileen molony-5956 by eileen molony-5958by eileen molony-5958

Minoli Perera, Pharmacogenomics

by eileen molony-5992by eileen molony-5992 by eileen molony-6000by eileen molony-6000 by eileen molony-6015by eileen molony-6015

by eileen molony-6243by eileen molony-6243

Madhav Mani, Applied Mathematics and Molecular Biosciences

by eileen molony-6208-2by eileen molony-6208-2

by eileen molony-6472-2by eileen molony-6472-2 by eileen molony-6461by eileen molony-6461

David Dana, Environmental Policy

2V0A62682V0A6268 2V0A62972V0A6297

Family Flow Yoga, Laurie & Adrienne

2V0A63792V0A6379 2V0A6352-web2V0A6352-web

2V0A65172V0A6517 2V0A65452V0A6545 2V0A65602V0A6560 2V0A66002V0A6600 2V0A66312V0A6631

Elizabeth, Creating Balance Massage & Energy

color jpegcolor jpeg

Realtor, Mary Carlin

Dev-Sci report and social

2V0A54712V0A5471 2V0A54992V0A5499 2V0A55092V0A5509 2V0A55102V0A5510 2V0A55452V0A5545 2V0A55482V0A5548 2V0A55582V0A5558 2V0A55642V0A5564 2V0A55272V0A5527

2V0A55692V0A5569 2V0A56322V0A5632 2V0A56342V0A5634 2V0A56422V0A5642

2V0A50972V0A5097 2V0A51232V0A5123

JillSalzman, The Founding Mom


2V0A51532V0A5153 2V0A51702V0A5170 2V0A51952V0A5195 2V0A52332V0A5233

2V0A45812V0A4581 2V0A45562V0A4556

Riveredge Hospital, two part shoot, a few of these were from late December

2V0A46412V0A4641 2V0A46292V0A4629 2V0A46002V0A4600

2V0A64022V0A6402 2V0A45832V0A4583 2V0A48442V0A4844 2V0A47532V0A4753

2V0A63902V0A6390 2V0A47162V0A4716

2018 Senior portrait

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Senior Portrait or 8th grade graduation, time for a portrait.

I will be running a couple of senior portrait mini session days this spring. Short half hour session, $150, 5 images. email if you would like to be added to the list Eileen@emphotography.net

These sessions will reflect your teen's 2018 personality. Also good for actor headshots for the theater majors. To see more work in this area visit http://www.emphotography.net/teens

teen9teen9 teen3teen3 teen10teen10 teen1teen1 teen2teen2 teen4teen4 teen7teen7 teen8teen8 teen11teen11 teen5teen5

Autumn '17 editorial and headshots

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Autumn was filled with business headshots and editorial work,

here is a little mix of that work



2V0A50462V0A5046 2V0A50512V0A5051 2V0A46582V0A4658 2V0A46712V0A4671

2V0A39742V0A3974 2V0A39922V0A3992

Wisecup by eileen molony-1546Wisecup by eileen molony-1546 Wisecup by eileen molony-1497Wisecup by eileen molony-1497 2V0A27812V0A2781 Chen by eileen molony-1620Chen by eileen molony-1620 Chen by eileen molony-1650Chen by eileen molony-1650 Chen by eileen molony-1672Chen by eileen molony-1672

2V0A42692V0A4269 2V0A42772V0A4277

Stupp by eileen molony-1757Stupp by eileen molony-1757

2V0A4455-32V0A4455-3 2V0A4527-22V0A4527-2

staffAstaffA staffBstaffB 2V0A40692V0A4069

2V0A69932V0A6993 2V0A70652V0A7065 2V0A6952-22V0A6952-2 2V0A70582V0A7058

2V0A02422V0A0242 2V0A02632V0A0263

2V0A46142V0A4614 2V0A46192V0A4619 2V0A46402V0A4640 2V0A46382V0A4638 2V0A49642V0A4964 2V0A50182V0A5018

2V0A65752V0A6575 2V0A49852V0A4985 2V0A50312V0A5031 2V0A50332V0A5033 2V0A45442V0A4544 2V0A45592V0A4559 2V0A45662V0A4566 2V0A46862V0A4686 2V0A46982V0A4698    Packman by eileen molony-3600Packman by eileen molony-3600 2V0A61722V0A6172 2V0A61742V0A6174 2V0A62262V0A6226 by eileen molony-4038-2by eileen molony-4038-2 by eileen molony-4049-2by eileen molony-4049-2 by eileen molony-4102-2by eileen molony-4102-2 by eileen molony-4127-2by eileen molony-4127-2 by eileen molony-4114-2by eileen molony-4114-2 by eileen molony-4153-2by eileen molony-4153-2 by eileen molony-3925by eileen molony-3925 2V0A73422V0A7342 2V0A73742V0A7374 2V0A73842V0A7384 2V0A73692V0A7369 2V0A73892V0A7389 2V0A73962V0A7396 2V0A74042V0A7404 2V0A30912V0A3091 2V0A30922V0A3092 2V0A31192V0A3119 2V0A31342V0A3134 2V0A31352V0A3135 2V0A31582V0A3158 2V0A31812V0A3181 2V0A32252V0A3225 2V0A33052V0A3305 2V0A33122V0A3312 2V0A33292V0A3329 2V0A33452V0A3345 2V0A33982V0A3398 2V0A34072V0A3407 2V0A34642V0A3464


School Portraits 2017

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whole schoolwhole school


I do school portraits for four schools in four weeks, that is a lot of fun faces and a few very serious ones.

One school I is mostly B&W, one is outdoors, some do group shots some don't, so each one is a little different

here is a taste

IMG_8692   1IMG_8692 1 IMG_8718IMG_8718 IMG_8783IMG_8783 IMG_9002IMG_9002 IMG_9009IMG_9009 IMG_9201IMG_9201   IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_9208-2IMG_9208-2 IMG_9248-2IMG_9248-2

2V0A82462V0A8246 2V0A82172V0A8217 2V0A81822V0A8182 2V0A8207-22V0A8207-2 2V0A85822V0A8582 2V0A85952V0A8595 2V0A87782V0A8778 2V0A81892V0A8189 2V0A88612V0A8861 2V0A88902V0A8890 2V0A88792V0A8879 2V0A9024-22V0A9024-2 2V0A88922V0A8892 2V0A90802V0A9080 2V0A8315-22V0A8315-2 2V0A84572V0A8457 2V0A94002V0A9400 2V0A8326-22V0A8326-2 2V0A94072V0A9407 2V0A92822V0A9282 2V0A92662V0A9266


IMG_1067IMG_1067 IMG_1125IMG_1125 IMG_0990IMG_0990 IMG_1029IMG_1029 IMG_1043IMG_1043 IMG_1063-2IMG_1063-2 Comp middleComp middledesigned to be printed 8x10 2V0A79232V0A7923 IMG_1874IMG_1874 2V0A80832V0A8083 IMG_1976IMG_1976 IMG_1728IMG_1728 IMG_1673IMG_1673 IMG_1690IMG_1690 2V0A7979-22V0A7979-2 2V0A81352V0A8135

and of course some staff

2V0A86102V0A8610 2V0A82932V0A8293 2V0A87992V0A8799 2V0A90862V0A9086 2V0A98002V0A9800 2V0A06612V0A0661 2V0A8173-22V0A8173-2 IMG_0688-2IMG_0688-2 IMG_0953-2IMG_0953-2 IMG_1179-2IMG_1179-2 IMG_1498-2IMG_1498-2 IMG_2021-2IMG_2021-2 2V0A7977-22V0A7977-2 2V0A72252V0A7225 2V0A71132V0A7113 2V0A71242V0A7124 2V0A71272V0A7127 2V0A71142V0A7114 2V0A71382V0A7138

fall 2017 family recap

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Autumn to December is just so busy, my favorite season weather wise and one big flurry work wise. On top of the regular commercial work I do the rest of the year I photograph four schools in October and add in a bunch of family sessions on weekends. People want that image for their holiday cards and print to send to grandma.

Here is a little bit of the family work

2V0A27132V0A2713 2V0A27382V0A2738 2V0A27532V0A2753 2V0A2764-22V0A2764-2 2V0A27682V0A2768 2V0A2782-22V0A2782-2

2V0A28822V0A2882   2V0A29232V0A2923    2V0A29432V0A2943

I've been photographing these two families for a few years now, usually outdoors but we moved inside this year because of rain. 2V0A28472V0A2847


This one was a 'get everyone together' for a big group shot

another cold day so we were moving fast 2V0A33402V0A3340

2V0A34382V0A3438 2V0A3440-22V0A3440-2

2V0A00352V0A0035 You just got to love this family.

I photographed them earlier in the summer on the day the baby was born, then we met down town for this fun and games

2V0A00672V0A0067 2V0A00752V0A0075 2V0A0080-22V0A0080-2 2V0A00822V0A0082 2V0A0094-22V0A0094-2 2V0A01172V0A0117 2V0A01282V0A0128 2V0A0146-22V0A0146-2 2V0A0154-22V0A0154-2 2V0A01572V0A0157 2V0A01712V0A0171



There were a lot of cold days, another was so windy by the lake we had to move in a little bit

but this dog made it all worth it


2V0A0396-22V0A0396-2 2V0A04162V0A0416 2V0A04172V0A0417 2V0A04372V0A0437 2V0A04342V0A0434 2V0A04532V0A0453 2V0A04582V0A0458 2V0A0500-22V0A0500-2

A quick stop outdoors followed by a hot chocolate

2V0A30902V0A3090 2V0A31222V0A3122 2V0A31422V0A3142 2V0A31632V0A3163 2V0A31482V0A3148

2V0A09092V0A0909 2V0A10312V0A1031   2V0A09692V0A0969   2V0A09952V0A0995 2V0A10472V0A1047

2V0A47962V0A4796 2V0A47852V0A4785 2V0A48222V0A4822 2V0A48332V0A4833 2V0A48502V0A4850 2V0A48282V0A4828 2V0A48232V0A4823 2V0A48572V0A4857 2V0A47412V0A4741 2V0A47662V0A4766 2V0A48072V0A4807

2V0A4327-22V0A4327-2 2V0A4329-22V0A4329-2 2V0A4366-22V0A4366-2 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A4381-22V0A4381-2 2V0A43882V0A4388 2V0A44222V0A4422 2V0A44292V0A4429 2V0A44342V0A4434 2V0A44572V0A4457 2V0A44602V0A4460 2V0A44662V0A4466

leaf4leaf4fun for front and back of card 2V0A24802V0A2480 2V0A24932V0A2493 2V0A25032V0A2503 2V0A25322V0A2532 2V0A25242V0A2524 2V0A25292V0A2529

2V0A98632V0A9863 2V0A98672V0A9867 2V0A98832V0A9883 2V0A99002V0A9900 2V0A9905-22V0A9905-2 2V0A99112V0A9911 2V0A99342V0A9934 2V0A9934-22V0A9934-2 2V0A99462V0A9946 2V0A99552V0A9955


2V0A2953-8x102V0A2953-8x10 2V0A29752V0A2975 2V0A29792V0A2979 2V0A2984-22V0A2984-2 2V0A2986-22V0A2986-2 2V0A30182V0A3018 2V0A30442V0A3044



and the last big one of the season, everybody squeeze in for the family festivus

2V0A42842V0A4284 2V0A43242V0A4324 2V0A43452V0A4345 2V0A43782V0A4378 2V0A43982V0A4398

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