End of summer senior session

August 22, 2023



Weekends Sept Sat 16th, 30th morning

October 1st morning, 14th morning, 15th morning and afternoon, 22nd morning. 

For November & December dates contact photographer, some dates will be in studio. 

SUNSET SESSIONS (start 60-90 minutes before sunset)


Afternoon weekday Sept sessions  SEPT 12/20/21/25/26/29

DATES PAST THAT contact photographer



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Still need a senior portrait?

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It's May, but if you still need a senior portrait reach out, we still have time. Here are a few from the past week.

samplesample samplesample samplesample

Update your profile in April during discount days April 3-7

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linkedin bannerlinkedin banner

Senior Portrait, Headshot renew.

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ad 1ad 1


Time to renew your headshot, or have a senior portrait done. OR both at once? 


Senior Portraits

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https://www.emphotography.net/teens to see more 

IMGL5057-2IMGL5057-2 IMGL4894-2IMGL4894-2 IMGL6308IMGL6308 IMGL8452-2IMGL8452-2 IMGL8443IMGL8443 IMGL9480IMGL9480

School is out April 13-15 for OPRFHS seniors

and the evenings have gotten longer, so lots of time to do senior portraits after school

Full or mini sessions available

email to reserve a time [email protected] 

Pricing https://www.emphotography.net/family-pricing


Chicago Contemporary School Portraits

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The past couple of years have been challenging for school photo taking, 

but we adapt.

We moved outdoors for a while, we dropped class group shots for a while, 

we roll with the challenges.

But I continue to a little bit of each person as they are, at a moment in time. 


I don't try to make then smile if they don't want to smile. I let them make silly faces if that is the mood they are in that day. 

Keep it simple and real.

If you would like this style at your school, please reach out.

IMGL9424IMGL9424 IMGL9408IMGL9408 IMGL9381IMGL9381 IMGL0055IMGL0055 IMGL0213IMGL0213 IMGL0148IMGL0148 IMGL9875IMGL9875

IMGL2671IMGL2671 IMGL2086IMGL2086

Teachers, Staff & School Board can also be included

Class Group Shots too, or class composites

IMGL1496IMGL1496 IMGL1848-2IMGL1848-2 IMGL1784IMGL1784 IMGL1360-2IMGL1360-2 IMGL1337-2IMGL1337-2 IMGL1157IMGL1157 IMGL1269IMGL1269 IMGL1170IMGL1170

IMGL0808IMGL0808 IMGL0376-2IMGL0376-2 IMGL0385IMGL0385 IMGL0568IMGL0568 IMGL1548IMGL1548

iiIMGL1632iiIMGL1632 iiIMGL2486iiIMGL2486 iiIMGL2562iiIMGL2562 iiIMGL2392iiIMGL2392 iiIMGL2463iiIMGL2463 iiIMGL2277iiIMGL2277 iiIMGL2298iiIMGL2298

IMGL6797IMGL6797 IMGL7004IMGL7004 IMGL7029IMGL7029 IMGL7035-2IMGL7035-2 IMGL7056IMGL7056 IMGL6680IMGL6680 IMGL6679-2IMGL6679-2 IMGL6450IMGL6450 IMGL6506-2IMGL6506-2 IMGL6601IMGL6601 IMGL6616IMGL6616 IMGL6617-2IMGL6617-2 IMGL6789IMGL6789 IMGL7202IMGL7202

IMGL0767IMGL0767 IMGL0635IMGL0635 IMGL0747IMGL0747 willowwillowThis is designed to be PRINTED *X!) only

Update your headshot, or social profile image.

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IMGL3490IMGL3490 IMGL3518IMGL3518  

Individual or team 

Time to update. Reserve a date for February



1 sample1 sample sample 4sample 4

IMGL1519IMGL1519 IMGL1529IMGL1529 IMGL1542IMGL1542




IMGL5660-2IMGL5660-2 IMGL5643IMGL5643

IMGL5568IMGL5568 IMGL5582IMGL5582 IMGL5669IMGL5669


IMGL4659IMGL4659 IMGL4656-2IMGL4656-2



IMGL7864IMGL7864 IMGL7909IMGL7909  


IMGL8141IMGL8141 IMGL8116IMGL8116 IMGL2883IMGL2883

IMGL5289IMGL5289 IMGL5209IMGL5209

groupgroup 3V0A65003V0A6500 IMGL8809IMGL8809 IMGL8820IMGL8820 IMGL8857-2IMGL8857-2

IMGL0127IMGL0127 IMGL0174-B&WIMGL0174-B&W

IMGL8359-2IMGL8359-2 IMGL8389-2IMGL8389-2 IMGL8383-2IMGL8383-2 3V0A6443-B&W3V0A6443-B&W

IMGL4781-2IMGL4781-2 IMGL4851IMGL4851

3V0A02543V0A0254 IMGL2590IMGL2590 IMGL2664IMGL2664 IMGL2726IMGL2726 IMGL2771-2IMGL2771-2 IMGL2817IMGL2817

IMGL3554IMGL3554 IMGL3578IMGL3578 IMGL3766IMGL3766 Untitled-1Untitled-1 3V0A35633V0A3563 3V0A3552-33V0A3552-3

IMGL3878IMGL3878 IMGL3951IMGL3951 IMGL4021-2IMGL4021-2 IMGL3821-2IMGL3821-2

Happy New 2022 Year

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Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and social 2022.

I, for one, would like to spend more time with friends this year. And to get back to taking more photos of people. 2021 and 2020 I photographed a lot less people than the previous years, but I did have some very fun shoots.






IMGL9124IMGL9124 IMGL9135IMGL9135   IMGL9144IMGL9144



From serious to fun

because we all needed fun, in between the seriousness of 2021


IMGL0962-2IMGL0962-2 IMGL1019IMGL1019 the scenethe scene


and sometimes we find close to perfect,

when we aren't even looking for it.


IMGL1282IMGL1282 IMGL1283IMGL1283


Autumn Family Photo sessions

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 Autumn Family Session

Pricing www.emphotography.net/family-pricing IMGL4105IMGL4105

boysboys IMGL4194-2IMGL4194-2 IMGL4199IMGL4199 IMGL4216IMGL4216 IMGL4242IMGL4242 IMGL4247IMGL4247 IMGL4264IMGL4264 IMGL4284IMGL4284  

IMGL1947IMGL1947 IMGL1950-2IMGL1950-2 IMGL1954IMGL1954 IMGL1974IMGL1974 IMGL1985-2IMGL1985-2 IMGL1985IMGL1985 IMGL2023IMGL2023 IMGL2055IMGL2055 IMGL2101IMGL2101 IMGL2110-2IMGL2110-2 IMGL2083IMGL2083 IMGL2091-2IMGL2091-2


IMGL0287IMGL0287 IMGL0300-2IMGL0300-2 IMGL0308-2IMGL0308-2 IMGL0322IMGL0322 IMGL0332IMGL0332 IMGL0333-2IMGL0333-2 IMGL0390-2IMGL0390-2 IMGL0396-2IMGL0396-2 IMGL0403-2IMGL0403-2 IMGL0423IMGL0423 IMGL0426IMGL0426 IMGL0432-2IMGL0432-2 IMGL0435-2IMGL0435-2 IMGL0446IMGL0446 IMGL0474IMGL0474 IMGL0488IMGL0488

IMGL7980IMGL7980 IMGL8001IMGL8001 IMGL8930IMGL8930 IMGL8968IMGL8968 IMGL8970IMGL8970 IMGL8975IMGL8975 IMGL9540IMGL9540 IMGL9581-2IMGL9581-2 IMGL9591-2IMGL9591-2 3V0A98683V0A9868 IMGL9553IMGL9553 3V0A98553V0A9855 3V0A98723V0A9872 IMGL9571IMGL9571 IMGL9591IMGL9591 IMGL9596IMGL9596 IMGL9606IMGL9606 IMGL9629IMGL9629 IMGL9618IMGL9618


IMGL4862IMGL4862 IMGL4988-2IMGL4988-2 IMGL4943IMGL4943 IMGL4951IMGL4951 IMGL4954IMGL4954


Silhouette Sessions

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IMGL7485IMGL7485 the twothe two Silhouette Sessions now available.

Fine Art Prints ready for the holidays

Socially distanced, set up in your garage or porch.

IMGL7518IMGL7518 IMGL7488IMGL7488 IMGL7508IMGL7508 IMGL7513IMGL7513


School Portraits in 2020

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School Portrait will likely work a little differently this year, they may not even be done at school. 

This will be my 9th year offering school portraits, because of the changes at all school some are not offering portraits during school hours so I will be offering them off site for individual families. If you are interested in signing up please email me [email protected] 


school portrait photography in Chicago


We may be opting for more outdoor settings but there will be limited studio style offered  

IMGL4517IMGL4517 IMGL4486IMGL4486

IMGL1097IMGL1097 IMGL1050IMGL1050

full schoolfull school IMGL8431IMGL8431 IMGL8694IMGL8694 IMGL8715IMGL8715 IMGL8858IMGL8858



IMGL3086IMGL3086 IMGL3193IMGL3193


small business branding

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3V0A8349-23V0A8349-2 3V0A8351-23V0A8351-2

Branding Sessions

Building out your look, from headshot to lifestyle to concept.

This can be one session or a series, or an ongoing project. Jill from The Founding Moms needs a image for her daily, that is a lot of images so we shoot together every few month. These are fast moving fun sessions,because she doesn't know exactly what article they will be used for we shoot whatever comes to mind on the spot. 

3V0A83673V0A8367 3V0A83573V0A8357 3V0A83823V0A8382 3V0A83343V0A8334 3V0A83143V0A8314   3V0A82613V0A8261 3V0A82573V0A8257   3V0A8220-23V0A8220-2 3V0A82123V0A8212   3V0A82073V0A8207 3V0A82083V0A8208



Mark is a realtor who needed lifestyle images, so we spend a couple hours photographing him in action

3V0A86733V0A8673 3V0A86433V0A8643 IMGL1890IMGL1890 IMGL1910IMGL1910

3V0A87583V0A8758 3V0A87393V0A8739

3V0A87963V0A8796 3V0A87713V0A8771 IMGL1998IMGL1998 IMGL1950IMGL1950 IMGL1980IMGL1980


Beryl needed a whole new website, with images for each section

IMGL9598IMGL9598 IMGL9568IMGL9568 3V0A95813V0A9581 IMGL9511IMGL9511 3V0A95973V0A9597 IMGL9458IMGL9458 3V0A96163V0A9616 IMGL9792-2IMGL9792-2



Jeannie needed a refresh on headshots with the addition of some images for marketing

IMGL2844-bIMGL2844-b IMGL2854IMGL2854 IMGL2866-2IMGL2866-2 IMGL2877IMGL2877 IMGL2988IMGL2988 IMGL2990IMGL2990



and sometimes two client join forces for a project and just get silly

3V0A28683V0A2868 IMGL2916IMGL2916 IMGL2906IMGL2906



Art Photography during shelter in place

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curve 4-scurve 4-s


One of the positives to Shelter in Place is the time allowed to just be, to think and to explore ideas that there hadn't been much time for while running a small business and parenting. Subject matter is limited to what is available in the home and within a short distance from the home, this can be constrictive but also push one to use what is available and see newness in the mundane.

Thinking a lot about form, shape and color.


mirror 1mirror 1



mirror 3mirror 3









3V0A64673V0A6467 3V0A64293V0A6429



3V0A34893V0A3489 3V0A34933V0A3493







IMGL6385IMGL6385 IMGL6381IMGL6381










from winter to spring during lockdown


noticing pockets of light


IMGL3384IMGL3384 IMGL3380IMGL3380

IMGL3340IMGL3340 IMGL3335IMGL3335 IMGL3348IMGL3348 IMGL3245-2IMGL3245-2 IMGL3239IMGL3239



and knowing when to leave it all behind and go take a walk in the woods


3V0A35483V0A3548 3V0A35473V0A3547 3V0A35543V0A3554 3V0A35553V0A3555



Editorial & Headshots

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by eileen molony-0317by eileen molony-0317 by eileen molony-0327by eileen molony-0327

by eileen molony-0207by eileen molony-0207 by eileen molony-0191by eileen molony-0191 by eileen molony-9811by eileen molony-9811

L Quillian by eileen molony-0208L Quillian by eileen molony-0208 L Quillian by eileen molony-0202L Quillian by eileen molony-0202



IMGL0546IMGL0546this is simple lovely enough to be your opener profile, plus it has the red to get attention IMGL0514-2IMGL0514-2 IMGL0590-2IMGL0590-2


IMGL1123IMGL1123 IMGL1130IMGL1130


3V0A97653V0A9765 3V0A97833V0A9783 by eileen molony-4523by eileen molony-4523 by eileen molony-4538by eileen molony-4538

3V0A98143V0A9814 3V0A98433V0A9843 3V0A98213V0A9821

by eileen molony-9850by eileen molony-9850 by eileen molony-0259by eileen molony-0259 by eileen molony-0237by eileen molony-0237 by eileen molony-0251by eileen molony-0251 by eileen molony-0264by eileen molony-0264


Pre-Corona Chicago Event photography

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IMGL8202IMGL8202 3V0A74663V0A7466


Senator Dick Durbin gives the keynote at Rethinking Solitary Confinement, Northwestern University Law Review Symposium

followed by panel discussion with author Albert Woodfox, Professor of Psychology Craig Haney, director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Leann Bertsch,  chair at the Iniversity of Pittsburg School of Law Jules Lobel, and moderator, senior lecturer at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Meredith Martin Rountree.

IMGL8225IMGL8225 3V0A75003V0A7500




Mercy Housing Lakefront 

with their mission to create stable, vibrant, healthy communities

by providing safe, quality, affordable housing and supportive social serives. 

IMGL4053IMGL4053 IMGL4110IMGL4110 IMGL4122IMGL4122 IMGL4142IMGL4142

3V0A99833V0A9983 3V0A98313V0A9831 3V0A98443V0A9844 3V0A98333V0A9833




Hephzibah Children's Association 


Heart of Gold Ball

3V0A26373V0A2637 3V0A25603V0A2560 3V0A26093V0A2609 3V0A25193V0A2519 3V0A24793V0A2479   3V0A26403V0A2640 3V0A26423V0A2642 3V0A26483V0A2648  

3V0A27143V0A2714 3V0A26783V0A2678 3V0A26793V0A2679 3V0A26883V0A2688 3V0A26903V0A2690 3V0A26913V0A2691 3V0A27033V0A2703 IMGL2129IMGL2129 3V0A27143V0A2714 3V0A27293V0A2729 IMGL2147IMGL2147 IMGL2152IMGL2152 3V0A27363V0A2736 3V0A27383V0A2738 3V0A27803V0A2780




A night of running from one Northwestern Law School reunion to another

3V0A59343V0A5934 3V0A59383V0A5938 3V0A59483V0A5948 3V0A59653V0A5965 3V0A59763V0A5976 3V0A59843V0A5984 3V0A59883V0A5988

Donor appreciation luncheon 

3V0A07073V0A0707 3V0A07093V0A0709 3V0A07123V0A0712 3V0A07173V0A0717 3V0A07333V0A0733 3V0A07893V0A0789 3V0A08053V0A0805

3V0A08153V0A0815 3V0A08403V0A0840 3V0A08553V0A0855 3V0A08623V0A0862 3V0A08793V0A0879 3V0A08753V0A0875 3V0A09063V0A0906 3V0A09183V0A0918 3V0A09443V0A0944

Global Village Event



3V0A21693V0A2169 3V0A22603V0A2260 3V0A23213V0A2321 3V0A23523V0A2352 3V0A23543V0A2354 3V0A23763V0A2376 3V0A23963V0A2396 3V0A21823V0A2182 3V0A22243V0A2224 3V0A22353V0A2235 m 

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