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Spring Senior Portraits

there is a little time left before you senior graduates

I have a few weekend spots left in April/May, and some midweek evenings

now that we have more daylight.


Does your senior and their group of friends want to do a fashion style session before they go to Prom? 

We can do a group session, group shots along with individual and couple, fashion style shots. 

Reach out for details and custom pricing.


Pricing for seniors portraits 



(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago senior portraits prom fashion photoshoot senior portrait pricing https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2024/4/chicago-senior-portraits Tue, 02 Apr 2024 17:11:54 GMT
2024 Photography Pricing https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2024/2/2024-photography-pricing headshots23 headshotsChicago headshot pricing

Need a new headshot or profile image for 2024


Please contact Eileen directly for business marketing pricing

Day/Half Day and per image rates available depending on the project



Senior Portrait pricing here 


Family pricing 


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pricing



Chicago area Mitzvah photography gallery here



(Eileen Molony Photography) 2024 Bar Bat Mitzvah Photography pricing Chicago headshots Photography portraits pricing. senior https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2024/2/2024-photography-pricing Tue, 06 Feb 2024 18:28:53 GMT
Time to book your event photographer https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2024/1/time-to-book-your-event-photographer Untitled-2Untitled-2 Untitled-1Untitled-1 Untitled-3Untitled-3chicago event photographer Untitled-3Untitled-3chicago event photographer Untitled-3Untitled-3chicago event photographer

(Eileen Molony Photography) business conferences fundraisers galas lectures meetings https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2024/1/time-to-book-your-event-photographer Tue, 16 Jan 2024 21:17:52 GMT
New Year, New Profile Image. https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/11/new-year-new-profile-image nov2nov2


Thinking about a new profile image for the New Year. 

Book your session now.


(Eileen Molony Photography) https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/11/new-year-new-profile-image Fri, 17 Nov 2023 00:50:10 GMT
end of year family portrait https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/11/end-of-year-family-portrait

Adding a few weekend dates for end of year family photos

Nov 24th

Dec 9th /10th

In studio   Dec 3rd


the twothe two


Silhouette Session is a 5 minute session.

Fee is $75  for one person, includes 1 5x7 art print and a digital file.

Sibling is $65, includes 1 5x7 art print and 1 digital file of each.

Additional digital files and fine art prints can be added. $25 per additional digital file.

Giclee Fine Art Prints price $20 for 5x7, $30 8x10, $60 11x14.


Studio Mini sessions Dec 3rd 

$250 is a 25 minute session with a neutral backdrop. Best for groups of 4 or less, can go to 6 if some people are little. 

6 digital files included. Additional files and prints can be purchased.


Outdoor or In home sessions pricing for other dates can be found here 




(Eileen Molony Photography) https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/11/end-of-year-family-portrait Mon, 06 Nov 2023 21:34:40 GMT
End of summer senior session https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/8/end-of-summer-senior-session 11


Weekends Sept Sat 16th, 30th morning

October 1st morning, 14th morning, 15th morning and afternoon, 22nd morning. 

For November & December dates contact photographer, some dates will be in studio. 

SUNSET SESSIONS (start 60-90 minutes before sunset)


Afternoon weekday Sept sessions  SEPT 12/20/21/25/26/29

DATES PAST THAT contact photographer



2V0A24302V0A2430 44 2b2b 3b3b 2V0A1628-22V0A1628-2 2V0A2471-22V0A2471-2 2V0A2489-22V0A2489-2 2V0A25262V0A2526 2V0A25352V0A2535



(Eileen Molony Photography) chicago senior sessions summer https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/8/end-of-summer-senior-session Wed, 23 Aug 2023 02:33:58 GMT
Still need a senior portrait? https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/5/still-need-a-senior-portrait samplesample

It's May, but if you still need a senior portrait reach out, we still have time. Here are a few from the past week.

samplesample samplesample samplesample

(Eileen Molony Photography) chicago photography portrait portraits senior https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/5/still-need-a-senior-portrait Mon, 08 May 2023 17:55:07 GMT
Update your profile in April during discount days April 3-7 https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/3/update-your-profile-in-april-during-discount-days-april-3-7 linkedin bannerlinkedin banner

(Eileen Molony Photography) https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2023/3/update-your-profile-in-april-during-discount-days-april-3-7 Tue, 21 Mar 2023 18:16:00 GMT
Senior Portrait, Headshot renew. https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/9/senior-portrait-headshot-renew ad 1ad 1


Time to renew your headshot, or have a senior portrait done. OR both at once? 


(Eileen Molony Photography) OPRFHS headshots OPRFHS senior portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/9/senior-portrait-headshot-renew Sat, 10 Sep 2022 02:43:02 GMT
Senior Portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/3/senior-portraits IMGL4879IMGL4879


https://www.emphotography.net/teens to see more 

IMGL5057-2IMGL5057-2 IMGL4894-2IMGL4894-2 IMGL6308IMGL6308 IMGL8452-2IMGL8452-2 IMGL8443IMGL8443 IMGL9480IMGL9480

School is out April 13-15 for OPRFHS seniors

and the evenings have gotten longer, so lots of time to do senior portraits after school

Full or mini sessions available

email to reserve a time [email protected] 

Pricing https://www.emphotography.net/family-pricing


(Eileen Molony Photography) OPRFHS portraits senior https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/3/senior-portraits Wed, 30 Mar 2022 12:50:07 GMT
Chicago Contemporary School Portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/2/chicago-contemporary-school-portraits IMGL2567IMGL2567


The past couple of years have been challenging for school photo taking, 

but we adapt.

We moved outdoors for a while, we dropped class group shots for a while, 

we roll with the challenges.

But I continue to a little bit of each person as they are, at a moment in time. 


I don't try to make then smile if they don't want to smile. I let them make silly faces if that is the mood they are in that day. 

Keep it simple and real.

If you would like this style at your school, please reach out.

IMGL9424IMGL9424 IMGL9408IMGL9408 IMGL9381IMGL9381 IMGL0055IMGL0055 IMGL0213IMGL0213 IMGL0148IMGL0148 IMGL9875IMGL9875

IMGL2671IMGL2671 IMGL2086IMGL2086

Teachers, Staff & School Board can also be included

Class Group Shots too, or class composites

IMGL1496IMGL1496 IMGL1848-2IMGL1848-2 IMGL1784IMGL1784 IMGL1360-2IMGL1360-2 IMGL1337-2IMGL1337-2 IMGL1157IMGL1157 IMGL1269IMGL1269 IMGL1170IMGL1170

IMGL0808IMGL0808 IMGL0376-2IMGL0376-2 IMGL0385IMGL0385 IMGL0568IMGL0568 IMGL1548IMGL1548

iiIMGL1632iiIMGL1632 iiIMGL2486iiIMGL2486 iiIMGL2562iiIMGL2562 iiIMGL2392iiIMGL2392 iiIMGL2463iiIMGL2463 iiIMGL2277iiIMGL2277 iiIMGL2298iiIMGL2298

IMGL6797IMGL6797 IMGL7004IMGL7004 IMGL7029IMGL7029 IMGL7035-2IMGL7035-2 IMGL7056IMGL7056 IMGL6680IMGL6680 IMGL6679-2IMGL6679-2 IMGL6450IMGL6450 IMGL6506-2IMGL6506-2 IMGL6601IMGL6601 IMGL6616IMGL6616 IMGL6617-2IMGL6617-2 IMGL6789IMGL6789 IMGL7202IMGL7202

IMGL0767IMGL0767 IMGL0635IMGL0635 IMGL0747IMGL0747 willowwillowThis is designed to be PRINTED *X!) only

(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago Contemporary School Portraits contemporary school portraits school portrait photographer https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/2/chicago-contemporary-school-portraits Tue, 01 Feb 2022 22:59:59 GMT
Update your headshot, or social profile image. https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/1/update-your-headshot-or-social-profile-image IMGL3490IMGL3490 IMGL3518IMGL3518  

Individual or team 

Time to update. Reserve a date for February



1 sample1 sample sample 4sample 4

IMGL1519IMGL1519 IMGL1529IMGL1529 IMGL1542IMGL1542




IMGL5660-2IMGL5660-2 IMGL5643IMGL5643

IMGL5568IMGL5568 IMGL5582IMGL5582 IMGL5669IMGL5669


IMGL4659IMGL4659 IMGL4656-2IMGL4656-2



IMGL7864IMGL7864 IMGL7909IMGL7909  


IMGL8141IMGL8141 IMGL8116IMGL8116 IMGL2883IMGL2883

IMGL5289IMGL5289 IMGL5209IMGL5209

groupgroup 3V0A65003V0A6500 IMGL8809IMGL8809 IMGL8820IMGL8820 IMGL8857-2IMGL8857-2

IMGL0127IMGL0127 IMGL0174-B&WIMGL0174-B&W

IMGL8359-2IMGL8359-2 IMGL8389-2IMGL8389-2 IMGL8383-2IMGL8383-2 3V0A6443-B&W3V0A6443-B&W

IMGL4781-2IMGL4781-2 IMGL4851IMGL4851

3V0A02543V0A0254 IMGL2590IMGL2590 IMGL2664IMGL2664 IMGL2726IMGL2726 IMGL2771-2IMGL2771-2 IMGL2817IMGL2817

IMGL3554IMGL3554 IMGL3578IMGL3578 IMGL3766IMGL3766 Untitled-1Untitled-1 3V0A35633V0A3563 3V0A3552-33V0A3552-3

IMGL3878IMGL3878 IMGL3951IMGL3951 IMGL4021-2IMGL4021-2 IMGL3821-2IMGL3821-2

(Eileen Molony Photography) 2022 chicago headshots photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/1/update-your-headshot-or-social-profile-image Sat, 15 Jan 2022 20:44:14 GMT
Happy New 2022 Year https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/1/happy-new-2022-year 3V0A9909-23V0A9909-2


Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and social 2022.

I, for one, would like to spend more time with friends this year. And to get back to taking more photos of people. 2021 and 2020 I photographed a lot less people than the previous years, but I did have some very fun shoots.






IMGL9124IMGL9124 IMGL9135IMGL9135   IMGL9144IMGL9144



From serious to fun

because we all needed fun, in between the seriousness of 2021


IMGL0962-2IMGL0962-2 IMGL1019IMGL1019 the scenethe scene


and sometimes we find close to perfect,

when we aren't even looking for it.


IMGL1282IMGL1282 IMGL1283IMGL1283


(Eileen Molony Photography) beauty new year oak park family photographer photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2022/1/happy-new-2022-year Tue, 04 Jan 2022 16:23:46 GMT
Autumn Family Photo sessions https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2021/9/autumn-family-photo-sessions

 Autumn Family Session

Pricing www.emphotography.net/family-pricing IMGL4105IMGL4105

boysboys IMGL4194-2IMGL4194-2 IMGL4199IMGL4199 IMGL4216IMGL4216 IMGL4242IMGL4242 IMGL4247IMGL4247 IMGL4264IMGL4264 IMGL4284IMGL4284  

IMGL1947IMGL1947 IMGL1950-2IMGL1950-2 IMGL1954IMGL1954 IMGL1974IMGL1974 IMGL1985-2IMGL1985-2 IMGL1985IMGL1985 IMGL2023IMGL2023 IMGL2055IMGL2055 IMGL2101IMGL2101 IMGL2110-2IMGL2110-2 IMGL2083IMGL2083 IMGL2091-2IMGL2091-2


IMGL0287IMGL0287 IMGL0300-2IMGL0300-2 IMGL0308-2IMGL0308-2 IMGL0322IMGL0322 IMGL0332IMGL0332 IMGL0333-2IMGL0333-2 IMGL0390-2IMGL0390-2 IMGL0396-2IMGL0396-2 IMGL0403-2IMGL0403-2 IMGL0423IMGL0423 IMGL0426IMGL0426 IMGL0432-2IMGL0432-2 IMGL0435-2IMGL0435-2 IMGL0446IMGL0446 IMGL0474IMGL0474 IMGL0488IMGL0488

IMGL7980IMGL7980 IMGL8001IMGL8001 IMGL8930IMGL8930 IMGL8968IMGL8968 IMGL8970IMGL8970 IMGL8975IMGL8975 IMGL9540IMGL9540 IMGL9581-2IMGL9581-2 IMGL9591-2IMGL9591-2 3V0A98683V0A9868 IMGL9553IMGL9553 3V0A98553V0A9855 3V0A98723V0A9872 IMGL9571IMGL9571 IMGL9591IMGL9591 IMGL9596IMGL9596 IMGL9606IMGL9606 IMGL9629IMGL9629 IMGL9618IMGL9618


IMGL4862IMGL4862 IMGL4988-2IMGL4988-2 IMGL4943IMGL4943 IMGL4951IMGL4951 IMGL4954IMGL4954


(Eileen Molony Photography) autumn chicago family lifestyle oak park portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2021/9/autumn-family-photo-sessions Sat, 25 Sep 2021 19:14:28 GMT
Silhouette Sessions https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/11/silhouette-sessions IMGL7485IMGL7485 the twothe two Silhouette Sessions now available.

Fine Art Prints ready for the holidays

Socially distanced, set up in your garage or porch.

IMGL7518IMGL7518 IMGL7488IMGL7488 IMGL7508IMGL7508 IMGL7513IMGL7513


(Eileen Molony Photography) Portrait Sessions Silhouette https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/11/silhouette-sessions Sat, 14 Nov 2020 16:44:03 GMT
School Portraits in 2020 https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/9/school-portraits-in-2020 IMG_3524IMG_3524

School Portrait will likely work a little differently this year, they may not even be done at school. 

This will be my 9th year offering school portraits, because of the changes at all school some are not offering portraits during school hours so I will be offering them off site for individual families. If you are interested in signing up please email me [email protected] 


school portrait photography in Chicago


We may be opting for more outdoor settings but there will be limited studio style offered  

IMGL4517IMGL4517 IMGL4486IMGL4486

IMGL1097IMGL1097 IMGL1050IMGL1050

full schoolfull school IMGL8431IMGL8431 IMGL8694IMGL8694 IMGL8715IMGL8715 IMGL8858IMGL8858



IMGL3086IMGL3086 IMGL3193IMGL3193


(Eileen Molony Photography) school portraits 2020" "Oak Park" "River Forest" Chicago https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/9/school-portraits-in-2020 Tue, 08 Sep 2020 20:32:03 GMT
small business branding https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/small-business-branding  

3V0A8349-23V0A8349-2 3V0A8351-23V0A8351-2

Branding Sessions

Building out your look, from headshot to lifestyle to concept.

This can be one session or a series, or an ongoing project. Jill from The Founding Moms needs a image for her daily, that is a lot of images so we shoot together every few month. These are fast moving fun sessions,because she doesn't know exactly what article they will be used for we shoot whatever comes to mind on the spot. 

3V0A83673V0A8367 3V0A83573V0A8357 3V0A83823V0A8382 3V0A83343V0A8334 3V0A83143V0A8314   3V0A82613V0A8261 3V0A82573V0A8257   3V0A8220-23V0A8220-2 3V0A82123V0A8212   3V0A82073V0A8207 3V0A82083V0A8208



Mark is a realtor who needed lifestyle images, so we spend a couple hours photographing him in action

3V0A86733V0A8673 3V0A86433V0A8643 IMGL1890IMGL1890 IMGL1910IMGL1910

3V0A87583V0A8758 3V0A87393V0A8739

3V0A87963V0A8796 3V0A87713V0A8771 IMGL1998IMGL1998 IMGL1950IMGL1950 IMGL1980IMGL1980


Beryl needed a whole new website, with images for each section

IMGL9598IMGL9598 IMGL9568IMGL9568 3V0A95813V0A9581 IMGL9511IMGL9511 3V0A95973V0A9597 IMGL9458IMGL9458 3V0A96163V0A9616 IMGL9792-2IMGL9792-2



Jeannie needed a refresh on headshots with the addition of some images for marketing

IMGL2844-bIMGL2844-b IMGL2854IMGL2854 IMGL2866-2IMGL2866-2 IMGL2877IMGL2877 IMGL2988IMGL2988 IMGL2990IMGL2990



and sometimes two client join forces for a project and just get silly

3V0A28683V0A2868 IMGL2916IMGL2916 IMGL2906IMGL2906



(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago small business photography branding sessions https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/small-business-branding Thu, 28 May 2020 17:51:17 GMT
Art Photography during shelter in place https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/fine-art-photography-during-shelter-in-place curve 4-scurve 4-s


One of the positives to Shelter in Place is the time allowed to just be, to think and to explore ideas that there hadn't been much time for while running a small business and parenting. Subject matter is limited to what is available in the home and within a short distance from the home, this can be constrictive but also push one to use what is available and see newness in the mundane.

Thinking a lot about form, shape and color.


mirror 1mirror 1



mirror 3mirror 3









3V0A64673V0A6467 3V0A64293V0A6429



3V0A34893V0A3489 3V0A34933V0A3493







IMGL6385IMGL6385 IMGL6381IMGL6381










from winter to spring during lockdown


noticing pockets of light


IMGL3384IMGL3384 IMGL3380IMGL3380

IMGL3340IMGL3340 IMGL3335IMGL3335 IMGL3348IMGL3348 IMGL3245-2IMGL3245-2 IMGL3239IMGL3239



and knowing when to leave it all behind and go take a walk in the woods


3V0A35483V0A3548 3V0A35473V0A3547 3V0A35543V0A3554 3V0A35553V0A3555



(Eileen Molony Photography) color fine art photography forest nude shelter in place art https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/fine-art-photography-during-shelter-in-place Thu, 14 May 2020 20:22:01 GMT
Editorial & Headshots https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/editorial-headshots by eileen molony-0317by eileen molony-0317 by eileen molony-0327by eileen molony-0327

by eileen molony-0207by eileen molony-0207 by eileen molony-0191by eileen molony-0191 by eileen molony-9811by eileen molony-9811

L Quillian by eileen molony-0208L Quillian by eileen molony-0208 L Quillian by eileen molony-0202L Quillian by eileen molony-0202



IMGL0546IMGL0546this is simple lovely enough to be your opener profile, plus it has the red to get attention IMGL0514-2IMGL0514-2 IMGL0590-2IMGL0590-2


IMGL1123IMGL1123 IMGL1130IMGL1130


3V0A97653V0A9765 3V0A97833V0A9783 by eileen molony-4523by eileen molony-4523 by eileen molony-4538by eileen molony-4538

3V0A98143V0A9814 3V0A98433V0A9843 3V0A98213V0A9821

by eileen molony-9850by eileen molony-9850 by eileen molony-0259by eileen molony-0259 by eileen molony-0237by eileen molony-0237 by eileen molony-0251by eileen molony-0251 by eileen molony-0264by eileen molony-0264


(Eileen Molony Photography) Bryna Kra Celeste Watkins-Hayes Chicago editorial and headshot photographer Lincoln Quillian northwestern pritzker school of law https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/5/editorial-headshots Mon, 04 May 2020 18:35:59 GMT
Pre-Corona Chicago Event photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/4/pre-corona-chicago-event-photography IMGL8202IMGL8202 3V0A74663V0A7466


Senator Dick Durbin gives the keynote at Rethinking Solitary Confinement, Northwestern University Law Review Symposium

followed by panel discussion with author Albert Woodfox, Professor of Psychology Craig Haney, director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Leann Bertsch,  chair at the Iniversity of Pittsburg School of Law Jules Lobel, and moderator, senior lecturer at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Meredith Martin Rountree.

IMGL8225IMGL8225 3V0A75003V0A7500




Mercy Housing Lakefront 

with their mission to create stable, vibrant, healthy communities

by providing safe, quality, affordable housing and supportive social serives. 

IMGL4053IMGL4053 IMGL4110IMGL4110 IMGL4122IMGL4122 IMGL4142IMGL4142

3V0A99833V0A9983 3V0A98313V0A9831 3V0A98443V0A9844 3V0A98333V0A9833




Hephzibah Children's Association 


Heart of Gold Ball

3V0A26373V0A2637 3V0A25603V0A2560 3V0A26093V0A2609 3V0A25193V0A2519 3V0A24793V0A2479   3V0A26403V0A2640 3V0A26423V0A2642 3V0A26483V0A2648  

3V0A27143V0A2714 3V0A26783V0A2678 3V0A26793V0A2679 3V0A26883V0A2688 3V0A26903V0A2690 3V0A26913V0A2691 3V0A27033V0A2703 IMGL2129IMGL2129 3V0A27143V0A2714 3V0A27293V0A2729 IMGL2147IMGL2147 IMGL2152IMGL2152 3V0A27363V0A2736 3V0A27383V0A2738 3V0A27803V0A2780




A night of running from one Northwestern Law School reunion to another

3V0A59343V0A5934 3V0A59383V0A5938 3V0A59483V0A5948 3V0A59653V0A5965 3V0A59763V0A5976 3V0A59843V0A5984 3V0A59883V0A5988

Donor appreciation luncheon 

3V0A07073V0A0707 3V0A07093V0A0709 3V0A07123V0A0712 3V0A07173V0A0717 3V0A07333V0A0733 3V0A07893V0A0789 3V0A08053V0A0805

3V0A08153V0A0815 3V0A08403V0A0840 3V0A08553V0A0855 3V0A08623V0A0862 3V0A08793V0A0879 3V0A08753V0A0875 3V0A09063V0A0906 3V0A09183V0A0918 3V0A09443V0A0944

Global Village Event



3V0A21693V0A2169 3V0A22603V0A2260 3V0A23213V0A2321 3V0A23523V0A2352 3V0A23543V0A2354 3V0A23763V0A2376 3V0A23963V0A2396 3V0A21823V0A2182 3V0A22243V0A2224 3V0A22353V0A2235 m 

(Eileen Molony Photography) Albert Woodfox Hephzibag children's association Mercy Housing lakefront Northwestern University Law Review Symposium Senator Dick Durbin https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/4/pre-corona-chicago-event-photography Thu, 30 Apr 2020 16:15:30 GMT
Adult Education Matters https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/4/adult-education-matters 3V0A92693V0A9269


3V0A91433V0A9143 3V0A91823V0A9182 3V0A91473V0A9147 3V0A92403V0A9240 IMGL2201IMGL2201 3V0A92853V0A9285 IMGL2203IMGL2203 IMGL2191IMGL2191 IMGL2198IMGL2198 IMGL2254IMGL2254 IMGL2257IMGL2257

IMGL2277IMGL2277 IMGL2308-2IMGL2308-2

(Eileen Molony Photography) Adult Education matters rally Chicago Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/4/adult-education-matters Thu, 30 Apr 2020 14:57:56 GMT
Business Marketing Portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/business-marketing-portraits 3V0A01103V0A0110

Angie's Pantry


staffstaff staff 2staff 2



Rhaeos Inc

IMGL7289IMGL7289 sample 2sample 2 samplesample




Hugh Lighting

IMGL6967IMGL6967 IMGL6957IMGL6957 IMGL6946IMGL6946 3V0A60983V0A6098



Speaker shots

3V0A89103V0A8910 3V0A89113V0A8911 3V0A89163V0A8916 IMGL8997IMGL8997


(Eileen Molony Photography) Angie's pantry Hugh Lighting Rhaeos Inc speaker portrait https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/business-marketing-portraits Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:00:00 GMT
Shelter In Place https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/shelter-in-place 3V0A32243V0A3224



With no work for the foreseeable future it's time to do a little freelensing

Here are a few from my social distancing walk today 




Social Distancing Walk


(Eileen Molony Photography) and B&W black freelensing in place shelter white https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/shelter-in-place Tue, 24 Mar 2020 22:51:18 GMT
Podcast stills https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/podcast-stills by eileen molony-0004by eileen molony-0004

Northwestern's Insider Series

by eileen molony-0354by eileen molony-0354 by eileen molony-0377by eileen molony-0377 by eileen molony-9965by eileen molony-9965 by eileen molony-0002by eileen molony-0002 by eileen molony-9961by eileen molony-9961


Breaking Down Your Business  3V0A03093V0A0309   3V0A03153V0A0315 3V0A03393V0A0339 3V0A03593V0A0359 IMGL0284-2IMGL0284-2 3V0A04133V0A0413 3V0A04423V0A0442 3V0A04613V0A0461 3V0A04873V0A0487 3V0A05603V0A0560

(Eileen Molony Photography) Breaking Down Your Business film stills filming Northwestern Insider Series podcast https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/podcast-stills Wed, 04 Mar 2020 16:17:40 GMT
Bat & Bar Mitzvah Photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/bat-mitzvah-photography  



Bat Mitzvah Photography

IMGL4686IMGL4686 3V0A04773V0A0477 3V0A05073V0A0507 3V0A05303V0A0530 3V0A05563V0A0556 3V0A05653V0A0565 3V0A05733V0A0573 3V0A05783V0A0578 IMGL4701IMGL4701 3V0A06353V0A0635 IMGL4733IMGL4733 IMGL4736IMGL4736 IMGL4801-2IMGL4801-2 3V0A06653V0A0665 3V0A06703V0A0670 3V0A06903V0A0690 3V0A07173V0A0717 3V0A07253V0A0725 3V0A07313V0A0731 3V0A07323V0A0732   3V0A07393V0A0739 3V0A07423V0A0742 IMGL4831IMGL4831 3V0A07463V0A0746 3V0A07533V0A0753 3V0A07543V0A0754 3V0A07633V0A0763 3V0A07683V0A0768 3V0A07693V0A0769 3V0A07703V0A0770 3V0A07883V0A0788 3V0A08023V0A0802 3V0A08303V0A0830 3V0A08593V0A0859 3V0A08633V0A0863  



3V0A08783V0A0878 3V0A08853V0A0885 3V0A09203V0A0920 3V0A09383V0A0938 3V0A09433V0A0943 3V0A09543V0A0954 3V0A09793V0A0979


3V0A56183V0A5618 3V0A56023V0A5602 3V0A56253V0A5625 3V0A56703V0A5670 3V0A57023V0A5702 3V0A57363V0A5736 IMGL6642IMGL6642 IMGL6646-2IMGL6646-2 IMGL6654-2IMGL6654-2 IMGL6674IMGL6674 IMGL6676IMGL6676 3V0A57603V0A5760 3V0A58303V0A5830 3V0A58653V0A5865 3V0A59283V0A5928 3V0A57823V0A5782 IMGL6740IMGL6740

(Eileen Molony Photography) & bar Bat chicago Mitzvah oak park photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/3/bat-mitzvah-photography Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:57:20 GMT
The LinkedIn Profile or business headshot https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/the-linkedin-profile-or-business-headshot by eileen molony-4601by eileen molony-4601

Milan Mrksich

Head of research at Northwestern University

   by eileen molony-4665by eileen molony-4665


IMGL1809IMGL1809 IMGL4272IMGL4272 IMGL1859IMGL1859 IMGL4295IMGL4295

Staff at Riveredge Hospital

photographed in a similar location and light to be printed and added to a wall of photos I previously did of other staff


IMGL1427IMGL1427 IMGL1459IMGL1459

an update for parenting coach Sheryl Stoller in her office.

Even if someone still loves the photos we did a few years ago for one's website they may need to change it up a little and refresh with some newer images. 


3V0A90723V0A9072 3V0A91143V0A9114 3V0A90853V0A9085

New Team members at an agency, we shots in the same location we did the original team to keep site photos consistent. 



Vic came with very specific photo requirements because the rest of his team are in different locations across the county,

but they wanted their photos to be the same.

IMGL8934IMGL8934 IMGL8927-B&WIMGL8927-B&W   IMGL8965IMGL8965  

When your LinkedIn profile is 10 years old and it's time for a new one



LikedIn Headshot Photobooth, the one minute headshot.

Set up at a higher education symposium, people could stop by for a one minute business shot to update their working profile

IMGL0346IMGL0346 IMGL0328IMGL0328

Staff environmental portrait




I tend to return to a lot of businesses when they bring on new staff, here again I returned to a NFP to update staff profiles

IMGL9060IMGL9060 IMGL8989IMGL8989 IMGL9026IMGL9026 IMGL9069IMGL9069

When one's profession is water and nature related sometimes one wants to get outdoors for their business headshot.


And when the only time to get board member headshots is during the annual fundraiser one quickly snaps a few pics

IMGL2626IMGL2626 IMGL2638IMGL2638 IMGL2642IMGL2642 IMGL2657IMGL2657

Onsite studio, when the studio comes to you for staff headshots




(Eileen Molony Photography) chicago buisness headshot corporate headshots LinkedIn headshot Milan Mrksich riveredge hospital https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/the-linkedin-profile-or-business-headshot Tue, 21 Jan 2020 20:07:37 GMT
January Specials https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/january-specials freelensing 1freelensing 1


Starting the new year with a couple of specials. 

The Branding Session

15% off if booked before January 21st, session can be in January or February. 

75 Minute. 15 minutes set up, 60 photographing. 2 looks. 1-2 locations. 5 final files. $350

120 Minutes. 2-4 looks, 1-4 locations. 10 final files. $450.

2 45 minutes sessions, 1-2 looks each session, 18 final image. $600. This gives you time to review the first session so we know what you love or need more of for the second session.


The Social Profile

20 minute on location session, 1 look headshot. 1 final image. $100 on select days. This is for personal use only.

One hour social profile session, 2-3 on location looks, 10 final images. $250. Perfect for dating profile, valentine gift or just a feel good session.

For personal use only. 

social profile 2social profile 2





(Eileen Molony Photography) dating photo session photography for dating profile social profile photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/january-specials Tue, 14 Jan 2020 02:00:04 GMT
Chicago Science & Engineering Editorial https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/chicago-science-engineering-editorial D'Aquila by eileen molony-3972D'Aquila by eileen molony-3972


D'Aquila by eileen molony-4009D'Aquila by eileen molony-4009

D'Aquila by eileen molony-3988D'Aquila by eileen molony-3988

Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0236Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0236 Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0259Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0259 Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0262Neha Kamat by eileen molony-0262 Neha Kamat by eileen molony-4089Neha Kamat by eileen molony-4089

3V0A0184-23V0A0184-2 3V0A01963V0A0196    3V0A01553V0A0155          IMGL0072IMGL0072   IMGL0089IMGL0089 IMGL0094IMGL0094


     Jian Cao by eileen molony-0770Jian Cao by eileen molony-0770 Jian Cao by eileen molony-0775Jian Cao by eileen molony-0775 Jian Cao by eileen molony-4324Jian Cao by eileen molony-4324 Jian Cao by eileen molony-4335Jian Cao by eileen molony-4335 Jian Cao by eileen molony-4354Jian Cao by eileen molony-4354


by eileen molony-8452by eileen molony-8452 by eileen molony-8456by eileen molony-8456 by eileen molony-8472by eileen molony-8472

(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago Science & Engineering impact report photography Northwestern Research Magazine photography Wertheim Lab https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2020/1/chicago-science-engineering-editorial Fri, 10 Jan 2020 00:39:40 GMT
Gala, Awards, Fundraisers & Celebrations https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/12/gala-awards-fundraisers-celebrations  


IMGL1710IMGL1710 IMGL1706IMGL1706

Momenta Dance Gala @ The Sherley Ryan Ability Lab

IMGL1723IMGL1723 IMGL1726IMGL1726 IMGL1698IMGL1698 IMGL1745IMGL1745

IMGL1692IMGL1692 3V0A84923V0A8492  



Portrait unveiling of Dean Rodriguez at Northwestern's Pritzker School of Law


IMGL1643IMGL1643 IMGL1647IMGL1647 3V0A83443V0A8344 3V0A83253V0A8325 3V0A83803V0A8380 IMGL1619IMGL1619 IMGL1617IMGL1617 3V0A83343V0A8334 3V0A84023V0A8402 3V0A84123V0A8412


Journalist, theater critic and author Chris Jones speaks at Northwestern's OLLI event.


3V0A90443V0A9044 3V0A90103V0A9010 3V0A90153V0A9015 3V0A89733V0A8973


Oak Park Regional Housing Center Annual Awards 


IMGL2711IMGL2711 IMGL2713IMGL2713 3V0A94203V0A9420 IMGL2734IMGL2734 IMGL2735IMGL2735 IMGL2738IMGL2738 3V0A94153V0A9415 IMGL2590IMGL2590 IMGL2661IMGL2661 3V0A93803V0A9380 3V0A93843V0A9384  


 Celebration, Jay Walsh, Northwestern University’s Vice President for Research gets promoted to a new role, 

Senior Advisor to the President for Research and Science.

IMGL2783IMGL2783 IMGL2912IMGL2912 IMGL2789IMGL2789 3V0A95203V0A9520 3V0A95533V0A9553 3V0A95683V0A9568 3V0A95903V0A9590   3V0A96673V0A9667 3V0A97043V0A9704 3V0A95703V0A9570 3V0A96313V0A9631 3V0A96303V0A9630 3V0A95223V0A9522 3V0A95243V0A9524 3V0A95073V0A9507 3V0A94873V0A9487


Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt celebrates work anniversaries with his corporate staff


IMGL2121IMGL2121 IMGL2101-2IMGL2101-2 IMGL2109-2IMGL2109-2

(Eileen Molony Photography) Chris Jones Dean Rodriguez Pritzker School of Law Jay Walsh Northwestern research Mark Hoplamazian CEO of Haytt Momenta Dance Oak Park regional housing center https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/12/gala-awards-fundraisers-celebrations Mon, 30 Dec 2019 03:12:57 GMT
Holiday spirit https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/12/holiday-spirit IMGL8538IMGL8538

IMGL8497IMGL8497 IMGL8484IMGL8484 IMGL8512IMGL8512 3V0A88233V0A8823 IMGL8555IMGL8555






IMGL7163IMGL7163 IMGL7144IMGL7144


       IMGL0442IMGL0442 3V0A42153V0A4215      IMGL0508IMGL0508 IMGL0523IMGL0523    

3V0A92053V0A9205 3V0A92273V0A9227 IMGL9697IMGL9697 IMGL9722IMGL9722 IMGL9732-B&WIMGL9732-B&W IMGL9746-B&WIMGL9746-B&W




IMGL8593-2IMGL8593-2 IMGL8588IMGL8588 IMGL8631IMGL8631

3V0A60453V0A6045 IMGL6894-2IMGL6894-2 IMGL6768IMGL6768 IMGL6763-2IMGL6763-2 IMGL6869IMGL6869 IMGL6806IMGL6806

IMGL4851IMGL4851 IMGL4850-2IMGL4850-2

IMGL0336IMGL0336 IMGL0365IMGL0365 IMGL0375IMGL0375 IMGL0462IMGL0462 IMGL0493IMGL0493 IMGL0329-2IMGL0329-2

(Eileen Molony Photography) family photos and child portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/12/holiday-spirit Mon, 30 Dec 2019 02:06:59 GMT
Art Photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/11/art-photography IMGL9303IMGL9303


Oct/Nov are my busiest months of the work year by far, so there is no a lot of time for anything else, but the past couple of days I've had time to take some photos just for fun. And fun it is, bringing me back to where it began, me my 35mm with a 50mm lens and just watching for moments, and seeing shapes and angles. Here are some from my just for fun photos.


IMGL9242 bIMGL9242 b



leading the wayleading the way



IMGL9219IMGL9219 IMGL9344IMGL9344 IMGL9315IMGL9315

IMGL9283IMGL9283 IMGL9277IMGL9277


IMGL9312-bIMGL9312-b IMGL9322-2IMGL9322-2 IMGL9291IMGL9291

IMGL9202 bIMGL9202 b IMGL9198IMGL9198 IMGL9237IMGL9237 IMGL9224IMGL9224

IMGL9345-2IMGL9345-2 IMGL9292IMGL9292


IMGL8901IMGL8901 IMGL8900IMGL8900


and my kid played some heavy lead guitar at Fitzgerald's Monday night, 

extremely enjoyable to see and hear.

3V0A91723V0A9172 3V0A91673V0A9167 3V0A91613V0A9161 3V0A91563V0A9156 3V0A91633V0A9163

(Eileen Molony Photography) black and white chicago photos Chicago street photography fine art photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/11/art-photography Sat, 30 Nov 2019 15:49:19 GMT
Personal Branding https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/9/personal-branding 3V0A26403V0A2640

Personal branding is important.

Every independent business needs an image these days, 

and I love to work with people to help visualize and show their style. 

3V0A26223V0A2622 3V0A26003V0A2600 3V0A25593V0A2559 3V0A27283V0A2728


We can work in the same space to produce images for different uses through out your website and socials, 

the three examples below show a mix of lifestyle, environmental portrait, wide banner or an advertising shot with space for text overlay.


Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8738-2Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8738-2 Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8747Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8747 Elana Lanza by eileen molony-3522Elana Lanza by eileen molony-3522

Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8726Elana Lanza by eileen molony-8726


Sometimes humor is important

Before our session we will discuss what is important to show a potential client about you.

We will pick clothing and location to highlight what is important, and what will make you stand out from the competition.



3V0A08353V0A0835 3V0A08203V0A0820 3V0A08633V0A0863 3V0A08973V0A0897 3V0A09133V0A0913 3V0A09373V0A0937 3V0A09763V0A0976 3V0A10253V0A1025 3V0A09163V0A0916 3V0A10433V0A1043 3V0A10793V0A1079


3V0A3837-23V0A3837-2 3V0A38493V0A3849 3V0A38543V0A3854 3V0A38663V0A3866 3V0A38863V0A3886 3V0A39083V0A3908


Sometimes you simple what to show your space and a little about the service you provide.

Letting your client know and relate to you a more is important when you are in a profession where trust is key.


IMGL5195IMGL5195 3V0A89043V0A8904 3V0A8911-B&W3V0A8911-B&W IMGL5130-B&WIMGL5130-B&W


3V0A83933V0A8393 3V0A83963V0A8396 3V0A84343V0A8434 3V0A84463V0A8446 3V0A84513V0A8451 3V0A84593V0A8459   3V0A84733V0A8473 3V0A85243V0A8524 3V0A85273V0A8527 3V0A85493V0A8549

(Eileen Molony Photography) acupuncture ponts jill salzman founding moms Personal branding photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/9/personal-branding Tue, 03 Sep 2019 15:21:15 GMT
Puppy portraits & Families https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/9/puppy-portraits-families IMGL9852IMGL9852 IMGL9855IMGL9855 IMGL9810IMGL9810 IMGL9831IMGL9831 IMGL9835-2IMGL9835-2 IMGL9904IMGL9904 IMGL9965IMGL9965

Puppy Portrait


Family Portrait

IMGL0842IMGL0842 IMGL0856IMGL0856 IMGL0859IMGL0859     IMGL0918IMGL0918    IMGL0926IMGL0926 IMGL0950IMGL0950 IMGL8514IMGL8514 IMGL8506IMGL8506 3V0A31203V0A3120 IMGL8511IMGL8511 IMGL8536IMGL8536 IMGL8534IMGL8534   IMGL8564IMGL8564   IMGL8571IMGL8571   IMGL8583IMGL8583 3V0A32163V0A3216 3V0A32043V0A3204   3V0A32583V0A3258 3V0A33103V0A3310 3V0A33663V0A3366     3V0A33863V0A3386    3V0A34403V0A3440 3V0A34623V0A3462 Oak Park Bat Mitzvah


OPRFHS Graduation Portrait with a little family mixed in.

IMGL4889-2IMGL4889-2   IMGL4893IMGL4893 IMGL4900-2IMGL4900-2 IMGL4904IMGL4904 IMGL4912IMGL4912   IMGL4944IMGL4944 IMGL4952-2IMGL4952-2 IMGL4958-2IMGL4958-2   IMGL4977IMGL4977 IMGL5006IMGL5006     3V0A4723-23V0A4723-2 3V0A47243V0A4724 3V0A4734-23V0A4734-2 3V0A47453V0A4745


Family Reunion group photo

IMGL0636-B&W 8x10IMGL0636-B&W 8x10This is for 8x10 printing IMGL0633 8x10IMGL0633 8x10This is for 8x10 printing IMGL0647IMGL0647


IMGL1112IMGL1112 IMGL1118IMGL1118

 A large group of 5th graders during their last week of elementary school

(Eileen Molony Photography) family group large school group portrait lifestyle family portrait photo" Puppy portraits reunion https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/9/puppy-portraits-families Mon, 02 Sep 2019 13:00:00 GMT
Hubbard Street Dance Photos https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/8/hubbard-street-dance-photos 2x72x7

IMGL9867IMGL9867 IMGL9874IMGL9874 IMGL9295-2IMGL9295-2 IMGL9167IMGL9167 IMGL9353IMGL9353 IMGL9327IMGL9327 IMGL9359IMGL9359 IMGL9370IMGL9370 IMGL9399IMGL9399 IMGL9481IMGL9481 IMGL9496IMGL9496 IMGL9504IMGL9504 IMGL9540IMGL9540 IMGL9547IMGL9547 IMGL9579IMGL9579 IMGL9270IMGL9270 IMGL9592IMGL9592 IMGL9604IMGL9604 IMGL9840IMGL9840 IMGL9975IMGL9975

(Eileen Molony Photography) Hubbard Street Dance Photos https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/8/hubbard-street-dance-photos Mon, 26 Aug 2019 23:57:56 GMT
Chicago Event Photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/8/chicago-event-photography 3V0A13943V0A1394 3V0A13703V0A1370 Northwestern Pritzker Law's Global Village event

3V0A11163V0A1116 3V0A11443V0A1144 3V0A11743V0A1174 3V0A12083V0A1208 3V0A13353V0A1335




eileen molony-0719eileen molony-0719

 Jocelyn Samuels speaks at Northwestern Distinguished Public Policy Lecture

eileen molony-0738eileen molony-0738 eileen molony-0743eileen molony-0743 eileen molony-0746eileen molony-0746 eileen molony-1523eileen molony-1523 eileen molony-1441eileen molony-1441





eileen molony-1574eileen molony-1574

Black History celebration at Northwestern's OLLI program

eileen molony-1566eileen molony-1566

eileen molony-1593eileen molony-1593 eileen molony-1607eileen molony-1607

eileen molony-1618eileen molony-1618 eileen molony-1614eileen molony-1614 eileen molony-1642eileen molony-1642 eileen molony-0792eileen molony-0792 eileen molony-0820eileen molony-0820 eileen molony-0827eileen molony-0827




Housing Forward Annual Gala 





Pritzker School of Law's Design Sprint Exploring Challenges

eileen molony-1228eileen molony-1228
eileen molony-1250eileen molony-1250 eileen molony-1273eileen molony-1273 eileen molony-1324eileen molony-1324 eileen molony-1342eileen molony-1342 eileen molony-1367eileen molony-1367 eileen molony-1403eileen molony-1403   eileen molony-1237eileen molony-1237

eileen molony-2517eileen molony-2517 eileen molony-1343eileen molony-1343 eileen molony-2439eileen molony-2439 eileen molony-2443eileen molony-2443 eileen molony-8280eileen molony-8280

Hephzibah Children's Home Annual gala

eileen molony-8325eileen molony-8325 eileen molony-8346eileen molony-8346 eileen molony-8413eileen molony-8413 eileen molony-2901eileen molony-2901 eileen molony-2923eileen molony-2923 eileen molony-8432eileen molony-8432 eileen molony-8445eileen molony-8445 eileen molony-8456eileen molony-8456 eileen molony-2943eileen molony-2943 eileen molony-2986eileen molony-2986 eileen molony-2993eileen molony-2993  


eileen molony-3047eileen molony-3047

eileen molony-3058eileen molony-3058




Northwestern Law Lecture

eileen molony-8218eileen molony-8218     eileen molony-2786eileen molony-2786 eileen molony-8222eileen molony-8222 eileen molony-2739eileen molony-2739 eileen molony-8236eileen molony-8236 eileen molony-8219eileen molony-8219   eileen molony-8245eileen molony-8245   eileen molony-8250eileen molony-8250       eileen molony-8270eileen molony-8270 eileen molony-2854eileen molony-2854  




Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition's annual Beyond Book event

IMGL8766IMGL8766 IMGL8775IMGL8775 IMGL8826IMGL8826 IMGL8885IMGL8885 3V0A36373V0A3637 3V0A36423V0A3642 3V0A36463V0A3646 3V0A36473V0A3647 3V0A36633V0A3663 3V0A36763V0A3676 3V0A36953V0A3695 3V0A36793V0A3679 3V0A36803V0A3680 3V0A36783V0A3678 3V0A37093V0A3709

(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition Hephzibah Housing Forward Jocelyn Samuels Pritzker School of Law https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/8/chicago-event-photography Mon, 26 Aug 2019 23:15:00 GMT
Street Photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/6/street-photography 3V0A88033V0A8803 3V0A88063V0A8806 3V0A88043V0A8804 3V0A88083V0A8808 3V0A88113V0A8811 3V0A88073V0A8807 3V0A88123V0A8812


Today I took my camera for a walk.

I used to do street photography quite regularly, I'd pick a location and just walk and snap, but it has been a while so today I gave myself the challenge of going back to that. Here are some of the results. 


3V0A87823V0A8782 3V0A87613V0A8761 3V0A87993V0A8799 3V0A87933V0A8793 3V0A88403V0A8840 3V0A87553V0A8755 3V0A87603V0A8760 3V0A87673V0A8767

3V0A87693V0A8769 3V0A88223V0A8822 3V0A88203V0A8820 3V0A88373V0A8837 3V0A87973V0A8797 3V0A87763V0A8776 3V0A88313V0A8831 3V0A87703V0A8770 3V0A87663V0A8766

(Eileen Molony Photography) B&W Chicago documentary photography reportage street https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/6/street-photography Sun, 30 Jun 2019 23:05:45 GMT
Black and White Portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/4/black-and-white-portraits eileen molony-1179eileen molony-1179

Adult Learners 

Loved getting to photograph these B&W portraits and in classroom lifestyle images.

eileen molony-1127eileen molony-1127 eileen molony-1112eileen molony-1112 eileen molony-1114eileen molony-1114 eileen molony-1118eileen molony-1118

eileen molony-1110eileen molony-1110 eileen molony-1125eileen molony-1125 eileen molony-1134eileen molony-1134

eileen molony-1145eileen molony-1145 eileen molony-1154eileen molony-1154 eileen molony-1155eileen molony-1155

eileen molony-2275eileen molony-2275 eileen molony-2280eileen molony-2280 eileen molony-2290eileen molony-2290 eileen molony-2295eileen molony-2295 eileen molony-2305eileen molony-2305 eileen molony-2300eileen molony-2300 eileen molony-2328eileen molony-2328 eileen molony-2331eileen molony-2331 eileen molony-2347eileen molony-2347 eileen molony-2364eileen molony-2364 eileen molony-2386eileen molony-2386 eileen molony-1099eileen molony-1099

(Eileen Molony Photography) b&w portraits chicago chicago editorial photography lifestyle portraits non-profit photography photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/4/black-and-white-portraits Mon, 08 Apr 2019 16:32:50 GMT
Chicago Pig Butchering https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/4/chicago-pig-butchering 3V0A20003V0A2000

Farm to Table

The Kitchen Table in a home downtown Chicago.


I photographed this little guy a few hours after he was born a couple of years ago

he was born at home, and his siblings baked him a cake to welcome him to the family

so it was really fun to return to the same kitchen for this family event.

Being very considerate of where their food comes from, and conscious of no waste J (the mother and butcher) ordered half a pig direct from the farm to feed her family, and had a butcher friend come help her cut it up so nothing was wasted.

3V0A19243V0A1924 3V0A19273V0A1927 3V0A1949-23V0A1949-2 3V0A19543V0A1954 3V0A19663V0A1966   3V0A19843V0A1984 3V0A19893V0A1989 3V0A19913V0A1991 3V0A1992-23V0A1992-2 3V0A19973V0A1997 3V0A20033V0A2003

3V0A20093V0A2009 3V0A19933V0A1993 3V0A20163V0A2016 3V0A20183V0A2018 3V0A20193V0A2019


































3V0A20353V0A2035 3V0A2057-23V0A2057-2 3V0A20363V0A2036 3V0A20583V0A2058 3V0A20653V0A2065 3V0A20723V0A2072 3V0A20763V0A2076 3V0A2082-23V0A2082-2 3V0A20973V0A2097 3V0A22033V0A2203 IMGL1044IMGL1044 3V0A21503V0A2150 3V0A21493V0A2149








IMGL0994IMGL0994 IMGL0990IMGL0990 3V0A2073-23V0A2073-2 3V0A2087-23V0A2087-2 IMGL0998IMGL0998 IMGL0999IMGL0999 IMGL1036IMGL1036 IMGL1041IMGL1041 3V0A2185-23V0A2185-2 IMGL1066IMGL1066 IMGL1084IMGL1084 IMGL1079IMGL1079








3V0A22393V0A2239 3V0A22333V0A2233




































































(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago butcher documentary photography" farm to table butchering https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/4/chicago-pig-butchering Wed, 03 Apr 2019 17:59:08 GMT
Events, Education, Annual Reports https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/2/events-education-annual-reports IMGL7717IMGL7717 IMGL7705IMGL7705



Annual report images in research labs  

IMGL7654IMGL7654 IMGL7672IMGL7672 IMGL7557IMGL7557 IMGL7493IMGL7493


In the classroom at OLLI at Northwestern Uni

IMGL0443IMGL0443 IMGL9694IMGL9694 IMGL9703IMGL9703      IMGL9753IMGL9753 IMGL9766IMGL9766   IMGL9785IMGL9785 IMGL9808IMGL9808   IMGL9860IMGL9860 IMGL9864IMGL9864   IMGL0303IMGL0303 IMGL0315IMGL0315


Event Work

Suicide Prevention Summit at Loyola Hospital

IMGL1844IMGL1844 IMGL1805IMGL1805 IMGL1829IMGL1829 IMGL1849IMGL1849 IMGL1866IMGL1866 IMGL1873IMGL1873 IMGL1875IMGL1875 IMGL1883IMGL1883 IMGL1893IMGL1893 IMGL1897IMGL1897 IMGL1910IMGL1910 IMGL1927IMGL1927 IMGL1952IMGL1952 IMGL1957IMGL1957 IMGL1969IMGL1969 IMGL1987IMGL1987 IMGL2008IMGL2008

IMGL1645IMGL1645 IMGL1649IMGL1649 IMGL1652IMGL1652 IMGL1661IMGL1661 IMGL1668IMGL1668 IMGL1669IMGL1669 IMGL1758IMGL1758 IMGL1760IMGL1760 IMGL1770IMGL1770 IMGL1777IMGL1777 IMGL1780IMGL1780

Hyatt Hotels staff appreciation awards

IMGL8627IMGL8627 IMGL8631IMGL8631 IMGL8635IMGL8635 IMGL8641IMGL8641 IMGL8645IMGL8645 IMGL8661IMGL8661 IMGL8664IMGL8664

Oak Park Regional Housing Centers 50 Years Celebration at The 19th Century Club

IMGL5017IMGL5017 IMGL4928IMGL4928 IMGL5069IMGL5069 IMGL5087IMGL5087 IMGL5089IMGL5089 IMGL5098IMGL5098 IMGL5097IMGL5097 IMGL5105IMGL5105 IMGL5121IMGL5121 IMGL5122IMGL5122 IMGL5129IMGL5129 IMGL5139IMGL5139 IMGL5005IMGL5005 IMGL5008IMGL5008 IMGL5150IMGL5150 IMGL4979IMGL4979


Mercy Housing Lakefront Gala at The Drake Hotel 

IMGL2241IMGL2241 IMGL2245IMGL2245 IMGL2267IMGL2267 IMGL2293IMGL2293 IMGL2300IMGL2300 IMGL2336IMGL2336 IMGL2347IMGL2347 IMGL2350IMGL2350 IMGL2361IMGL2361 IMGL2362IMGL2362 IMGL2378IMGL2378 IMGL2414IMGL2414 IMGL2453IMGL2453 IMGL2463IMGL2463 IMGL2466IMGL2466 IMGL2468IMGL2468 IMGL2485IMGL2485 IMGL2497IMGL2497 IMGL2506IMGL2506 IMGL2512IMGL2512 IMGL2533IMGL2533 IMGL2539IMGL2539 IMGL2543IMGL2543 IMGL2549IMGL2549 IMGL2563IMGL2563 IMGL2571IMGL2571


Hephzibah Home Swanksgiving event at The Lakewood

IMGL8762IMGL8762 IMGL8757IMGL8757 IMGL8790IMGL8790 IMGL8805IMGL8805 IMGL8848IMGL8848

  IMGL8945IMGL8945 IMGL8955IMGL8955 IMGL8963IMGL8963 IMGL8969IMGL8969 IMGL8971IMGL8971 IMGL8979IMGL8979

(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago gala event photography corporate events Drake Hotel" "Hyatt Hotel photography" "the lakewood chicago" "hephzibah home" educational event photography loyola hospital https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/2/events-education-annual-reports Mon, 18 Feb 2019 06:30:00 GMT
Business marketing photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/2/business-marking-photography IMGL0180IMGL0180

Business Marketing Images

when you want to show your work space and how people interact there

IMGL0364IMGL0364 IMGL0348IMGL0348 IMGL0401IMGL0401

IMGL0284IMGL0284 IMGL0458IMGL0458   IMGL0239IMGL0239 IMGL0270IMGL0270   IMGL0487IMGL0487




IMGL9817-2IMGL9817-2 IMGL9798-3IMGL9798-3

IMGL9833IMGL9833 IMGL9852IMGL9852 IMGL9938IMGL9938


or when you need a whole bunch of images for a daily blog

but nothing too serious IMGL1142IMGL1142 IMGL1149IMGL1149 IMGL1172IMGL1172 IMGL1201IMGL1201 IMGL1212IMGL1212 IMGL1225IMGL1225 IMGL1239IMGL1239 IMGL1264IMGL1264 IMGL1308IMGL1308


(Eileen Molony Photography) branding images Chicago business marketing photography corporate Photographer chicago office lifestyle https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/2/business-marking-photography Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:55:52 GMT
Annual report photography and headshots https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/annual-report-photography-and-headshots IMGL7593IMGL7593 IMGL7583IMGL7583 IMGL7633IMGL7633 IMGL7614IMGL7614

Annual report photography

both posed and documentary style

IMGL7732IMGL7732 IMGL7740IMGL7740   IMGL7757IMGL7757 IMGL7804IMGL7804 IMGL7776IMGL7776    IMGL7881IMGL7881   IMGL7892IMGL7892

IMGL3034IMGL3034 IMGL2901IMGL2901 IMGL2891IMGL2891 IMGL2923IMGL2923 IMGL2940IMGL2940 IMGL2984IMGL2984 IMGL2992IMGL2992 IMGL3203IMGL3203 IMGL7986IMGL7986  

IMGL3052IMGL3052 IMGL3076IMGL3076 IMGL3084IMGL3084 IMGL3099IMGL3099 IMGL3119IMGL3119 IMGL3133IMGL3133 IMGL3185IMGL3185

Staff Headshots

shot on site in conference room

IMGL7460IMGL7460 IMGL7416IMGL7416 IMGL7431IMGL7431 IMGL7448IMGL7448

(Eileen Molony Photography) Annual report corporate headshot photography INVO Northwestern https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/annual-report-photography-and-headshots Mon, 28 Jan 2019 18:04:23 GMT
Mitzvah Photos https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/mitzvah-photos IMGL1524IMGL1524

It is always an honor to be asked to photograph important family events

especially religious events with such deep tradition as Mitzvahs

IMGL1330IMGL1330 IMGL1339IMGL1339

IMGL1348IMGL1348 IMGL1354IMGL1354 IMGL1359IMGL1359 IMGL1364IMGL1364 IMGL1374IMGL1374 IMGL1376IMGL1376 IMGL1384IMGL1384 IMGL1394IMGL1394 IMGL1402IMGL1402

IMGL1460IMGL1460 IMGL1469IMGL1469 IMGL1482IMGL1482 IMGL1491IMGL1491 IMGL1509IMGL1509 IMGL1529IMGL1529 IMGL1562IMGL1562 IMGL1570IMGL1570

IMGL8406IMGL8406 IMGL8413IMGL8413 IMGL8427IMGL8427 IMGL8442IMGL8442

IMGL8495IMGL8495 IMGL8498IMGL8498



IMGL6207IMGL6207 IMGL6228IMGL6228 IMGL6230IMGL6230 IMGL6237IMGL6237   IMGL6286IMGL6286 IMGL6292IMGL6292 IMGL6312IMGL6312 IMGL6340IMGL6340 IMGL6375IMGL6375 IMGL6393IMGL6393

(Eileen Molony Photography) Bar Mitzvah Photographer Bat Mitzvah photography River Forest Temple https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/mitzvah-photos Fri, 25 Jan 2019 06:00:00 GMT
Headshots and lifestyle portraits https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/headshots IMGL1605IMGL1605 IMGL1588-B&WIMGL1588-B&W


lifestyle, studio, environmental, 








IMGL0077IMGL0077 IMGL0111IMGL0111 IMGL0093-2IMGL0093-2 IMGL0135IMGL0135

IMGL9222IMGL9222 IMGL9234-2IMGL9234-2

IMGL6698IMGL6698 IMGL6704IMGL6704 IMGL6708IMGL6708 IMGL6788IMGL6788

IMGL8080IMGL8080 IMGL8051IMGL8051 IMGL8019IMGL8019

IMGL9955-webIMGL9955-web IMGL9931IMGL9931 IMGL7954IMGL7954 IMGL5199IMGL5199 IMGL8762IMGL8762 IMGL8799IMGL8799 IMGL8812-2IMGL8812-2 IMGL7400IMGL7400I think this one is great



(Eileen Molony Photography) chicago headshot photographer environmental portraits headshots lifestyle portraits studio headshots https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/headshots Mon, 07 Jan 2019 16:45:00 GMT
Chicago Event Photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/chicago-event-photography IMGL1080IMGL1080 IMGL1022IMGL1022

Pete Souza book launch hosted by The Book Table

IMGL1060IMGL1060 IMGL0991IMGL0991 IMGL1012IMGL1012




IMGL0154IMGL0154 IMGL0026IMGL0026 IMGL0034IMGL0034 IMGL0044IMGL0044 IMGL0051IMGL0051 IMGL0029IMGL0029 Amy Magio, Women's Gloabal Education ProjectAmy Magio, Women's Gloabal Education ProjectAmy Magio, Women's Gloabal Education Project IMGL0095IMGL0095 IMGL0120IMGL0120 IMGL0131IMGL0131

Women's Global Education Project annual gala Ndajee at Salvage One in Chicago

Amy Magio, award ceremony, WGEPAmy Magio, award ceremony, WGEPAmy Magio, award ceremony, Women's Global Education Project photos


IMGL2047IMGL2047 IMGL2044IMGL2044 IMGL2057IMGL2057 IMGL2045IMGL2045 IMGL2063IMGL2063 IMGL2068IMGL2068 IMGL2070IMGL2070 IMGL2076IMGL2076 IMGL2080IMGL2080 IMGL2092IMGL2092 IMGL2096IMGL2096 IMGL2106IMGL2106 IMGL2121IMGL2121 IMGL2127IMGL2127 IMGL2162IMGL2162 IMGL2166IMGL2166 IMGL2208IMGL2208 IMGL2211IMGL2211 IMGL2226IMGL2226 Momenta Dance Company Gala at The Carlton Oak Park



Hyatt Corporate Staff Holiday Party


IMGL9550IMGL9550 IMGL9560IMGL9560 IMGL9566IMGL9566 IMGL9586IMGL9586 IMGL9590IMGL9590 IMGL9595IMGL9595 IMGL9602IMGL9602 IMGL9617IMGL9617 IMGL9650IMGL9650 IMGL9660IMGL9660 IMGL9670IMGL9670 IMGL9706IMGL9706 IMGL9724IMGL9724 IMGL9727IMGL9727 IMGL9760IMGL9760


Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition taking part in the Literacy March 

IMGL2602IMGL2602 IMGL2604IMGL2604 IMGL2616IMGL2616 IMGL2620IMGL2620 IMGL2631IMGL2631 IMGL2679IMGL2679 IMGL2691IMGL2691 IMGL2711IMGL2711 IMGL2721IMGL2721 IMGL2755IMGL2755 IMGL2760IMGL2760 IMGL2820IMGL2820 IMGL2862IMGL2862 IMGL2863IMGL2863



Integration Conversation at The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

IMGL3364IMGL3364 IMGL3367IMGL3367 IMGL3251IMGL3251 IMGL3264IMGL3264 IMGL3283IMGL3283 IMGL3293IMGL3293

IMGL3315IMGL3315 IMGL3340IMGL3340 IMGL3370IMGL3370 IMGL3375IMGL3375 IMGL3385IMGL3385 IMGL3397IMGL3397

IMGL3220IMGL3220 IMGL3214IMGL3214 IMGL3230IMGL3230 IMGL3237IMGL3237 IMGL3238IMGL3238


Northwestern's SPS October symposium

IMGL6814IMGL6814 IMGL6817IMGL6817 IMGL6837IMGL6837

IMGL6804IMGL6804 IMGL6782IMGL6782 IMGL6802IMGL6802 IMGL6780IMGL6780



(Eileen Molony Photography) Momenta dance" "Ndajee at Salvage one" "hyatt hotel event photography" "Northwestern SPS" Pete Souza Shade https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/chicago-event-photography Mon, 07 Jan 2019 03:30:00 GMT
family photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/family-photography IMGL0682IMGL0682 IMGL0647IMGL0647 IMGL0657IMGL0657 IMGL0667IMGL0667 IMGL0702IMGL0702 IMGL0721IMGL0721 IMGL0709-2IMGL0709-2 IMGL0761-2IMGL0761-2 IMGL0799IMGL0799 IMGL0807IMGL0807 IMGL0815IMGL0815 IMGL0832-2IMGL0832-2 IMGL3427IMGL3427 IMGL3445IMGL3445 IMGL0540-2IMGL0540-2 IMGL0564-2IMGL0564-2 IMGL3540IMGL3540 IMGL3702IMGL3702 IMGL3706IMGL3706 IMGL3704IMGL3704 IMGL3725IMGL3725 IMGL3733IMGL3733 IMGL3737IMGL3737



IMGL8126IMGL8126 IMGL8098IMGL8098

IMGL8232-B&WIMGL8232-B&W IMGL8263-B&WIMGL8263-B&W IMGL8270-B&WIMGL8270-B&W IMGL8245IMGL8245

IMGL0877IMGL0877 IMGL0851IMGL0851 IMGL0861IMGL0861 IMGL0914IMGL0914 IMGL0906IMGL0906



IMGL8303IMGL8303 IMGL8339IMGL8339 IMGL8299IMGL8299 IMGL8302IMGL8302

IMGL9379IMGL9379 IMGL9470IMGL9470 IMGL9456IMGL9456 IMGL9489IMGL9489 IMGL9502IMGL9502 IMGL9557IMGL9557

IMGL9698IMGL9698 IMGL9696-2IMGL9696-2 IMGL9704IMGL9704 IMGL9745IMGL9745 IMGL9570-2IMGL9570-2 IMGL9584-2IMGL9584-2 IMGL9591IMGL9591


IMGL0002IMGL0002 IMGL9995IMGL9995 IMGL0061IMGL0061 IMGL0045IMGL0045


(Eileen Molony Photography) Chicago enviornmental family portraits lifestyle family portrait Oak Park River Forest https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/family-photography Sun, 06 Jan 2019 02:30:00 GMT
Happy New year 2019, recap of early autumn work https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/happy-new-year-2019 IMGL1576IMGL1576

Recap on some recent work.

Autumn was a very busy photographic season for me with a mix of corporate headshots, small business and educational marketing, editorial, annual report images, some family photography and school photos for four schools.

Here is a little taste of that work, starting with some editorial work I did for The Northwestern Research Magazine.


IMGL1548IMGL1548 IMGL1544IMGL1544 IMGL1563IMGL1563



IMGL1595IMGL1595 IMGL1621IMGL1621 IMGL1637IMGL1637 IMGL1648IMGL1648 IMGL1668IMGL1668 IMGL1684IMGL1684 IMGL1695IMGL1695 IMGL1698IMGL1698 IMGL1728IMGL1728 IMGL1756IMGL1756


by eileen molony-2451by eileen molony-2451 by eileen molony-2461by eileen molony-2461


by eileen molony-2476by eileen molony-2476

by eileen molony-2520by eileen molony-2520

Below are some headshots and staff group shots for Literacenter, a non-profit shared workspace dedicated to literacy

IMGL6749IMGL6749 IMGL6798IMGL6798 IMGL6812IMGL6812 IMGL6633IMGL6633 IMGL6707IMGL6707 IMGL6840IMGL6840 Team1Team1 team2team2

Went back a second day and did some 'working' images.

IMGL8697IMGL8697 IMGL8712IMGL8712 IMGL8721IMGL8721 IMGL8736IMGL8736 IMGL8828IMGL8828 IMGL8748IMGL8748 IMGL8847IMGL8847 IMGL8875IMGL8875 IMGL8883IMGL8883 IMGL8911IMGL8911 IMGL8943IMGL8943 IMGL8929IMGL8929 IMGL8958IMGL8958 IMGL8982IMGL8982 IMGL8987IMGL8987



Of course no season can pass without a shoot with The Founding Mom Jill Salzman

IMGL7979IMGL7979 IMGL8025-2IMGL8025-2 IMGL8041IMGL8041 IMGL8061IMGL8061 IMGL8095IMGL8095 IMGL8111IMGL8111


"New Moms" needed some documentary style images to show some of their programs and people 

IMGL8528IMGL8528 IMGL8458IMGL8458 IMGL8508IMGL8508 IMGL8625IMGL8625 IMGL8632IMGL8632 IMGL8645IMGL8645 IMGL8656IMGL8656 IMGL8564IMGL8564

IMGL8566IMGL8566 IMGL8679IMGL8679 IMGL8681IMGL8681

Women's Global Education Project needed some headshots of their staff here in the Chicago area

wg2wg2 Women's GlobalWomen's Global wg3wg3


and some more non-profit staff headshots, this time for Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition

IMGL6816IMGL6816 IMGL6837IMGL6837 IMGL6820IMGL6820 IMGL6841IMGL6841

IMGL9585IMGL9585 IMGL9634IMGL9634 IMGL9581IMGL9581


Some outdoor work with a family, for a change

IMGL9198IMGL9198 IMGL9212IMGL9212 IMGL9221IMGL9221 IMGL9331IMGL9331 IMGL9347IMGL9347


and outdoors again for a senior portrait


IMGL9410IMGL9410 IMGL9428IMGL9428 IMGL9435-2IMGL9435-2 IMGL9438-2IMGL9438-2 IMGL9465IMGL9465 IMGL9479-2IMGL9479-2 IMGL9527IMGL9527 IMGL9576-2IMGL9576-2


and some additional outdoor headshots for the staff at Riveredge Hospital


IMGL7091IMGL7091 IMGL7115IMGL7115 IMGL7066IMGL7066


(Eileen Molony Photography) branding photography" chicago editorial photographer corporate photography editorial photography northwestern research magazine photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2019/1/happy-new-year-2019 Thu, 03 Jan 2019 17:55:36 GMT
headshots and marketing photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/8/headshots-and-marketing-photography FirmFirm

Chicago corporate headshots.


IMGL7182IMGL7182 IMGL7212IMGL7212   IMGL7465IMGL7465 IMGL7300IMGL7300 IMGL7369IMGL7369 IMGL7439IMGL7439 IMGL7513IMGL7513 IMGL7571IMGL7571 IMGL7590IMGL7590 IMGL7662IMGL7662

IMGL7724IMGL7724 IMGL7759IMGL7759 IMGL7796IMGL7796these do not work in the extreme long banner IMGL7799IMGL7799these do not work in the extreme long banner IMGL7821IMGL7821 IMGL7880IMGL7880  

IMGL7632IMGL7632 IMGL0450IMGL0450 IMGL0524-B&WIMGL0524-B&W IMGL0485IMGL0485 IMGL0508IMGL0508

11 IMGL0562IMGL0562 IMGL0595IMGL0595 IMGL0710IMGL0710 IMGL0554IMGL0554 IMGL0625IMGL0625 IMGL0717IMGL0717




IMGL1765IMGL1765 IMGL1784IMGL1784 IMGL1816-2IMGL1816-2 IMGL1827IMGL1827 IMGL1846IMGL1846


IMGL6115IMGL6115 IMGL6123IMGL6123   IMGL6567IMGL6567


IMGL1254IMGL1254 IMGL1264IMGL1264 IMGL1273IMGL1273 IMGL1284IMGL1284 IMGL1286IMGL1286 IMGL1285IMGL1285 IMGL1299IMGL1299 IMGL1307IMGL1307 IMGL1324IMGL1324 IMGL1331IMGL1331 IMGL1368IMGL1368 IMGL1398IMGL1398 IMGL1405IMGL1405 IMGL1441IMGL1441 IMGL1445IMGL1445

(Eileen Molony Photography) Corporate portraits individual headshots small business marketing photography https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/8/headshots-and-marketing-photography Fri, 24 Aug 2018 23:16:00 GMT
more early '18 event photos https://www.emphotography.net/blog/2018/8/more-early-18-event-photos IMGL5379IMGL5379 IMGL5391IMGL5391 IMGL5287IMGL5287 IMGL5231IMGL5231 IMGL5249IMGL5249 IMGL5262IMGL5262 IMGL5266IMGL5266 IMGL5350IMGL5350 IMGL5351IMGL5351 IMGL5422IMGL5422 IMGL5442IMGL5442 IMGL5459IMGL5459 IMGL5479IMGL5479 IMGL5491IMGL5491 IMGL5509IMGL5509 IMGL5504IMGL5504 IMGL5540IMGL5540 IMGL5550IMGL5550 IMGL5556IMGL5556 IMGL5469IMGL5469 IMGL5572IMGL5572 IMGL5578IMGL5578 IMGL5579IMGL5579 IMGL5627IMGL5627 IMGL5630IMGL5630 IMGL5662IMGL5662 IMGL5665IMGL5665 IMGL5667IMGL5667 IMGL5679IMGL5679 IMGL5668IMGL5668

Graduations, conferences, lectures, presentations, lots of events. 

Above Northwestern School of Professional Studies convocation ceremony.

Below Il. Science & Technology Coalition STEM challenge presentation 

IMGL0011IMGL0011 IMGL0084IMGL0084 IMGL0026IMGL0026 IMGL0028IMGL0028 IMGL0035IMGL0035 IMGL0049IMGL0049 IMGL0059IMGL0059 IMGL0069IMGL0069 IMGL0112IMGL0112 IMGL0134IMGL0134 IMGL0187IMGL0187 IMGL0144IMGL0144 IMGL0256IMGL0256 IMGL0277IMGL0277 IMGL0336IMGL0336 IMGL0338IMGL0338 IMGL0320IMGL0320 IMGL0343IMGL0343 IMGL0367IMGL0367 IMGL0360IMGL0360 IMGL9993IMGL9993 IMGL0009IMGL0009 IMGL0018IMGL0018 IMGL0038IMGL0038 IMGL0061IMGL0061 IMGL0057IMGL0057 IMGL0076IMGL0076 IMGL0081IMGL0081